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Center on Socio-Economic Inequalities


About the Stone Center


Created in 2016 with a generous gift from James M. and Cathleen D. Stone, the Center's mission is to build and disseminate knowledge related to the causes, nature, and consequences of socio-economic inequality. The faculty and students working within the Stone Center share a commitment to scholarship that is data-driven, interdisciplinary, and policy-oriented, and addresses questions that are cross-nationally comparative and/or global in scope. The Center sponsors an array of public programs, engages in research and writing related to socio-economic inequality, and its associated faculty teach courses and workshops at the Graduate Center.
The Stone Center also houses the U.S. Office of LIS, the renowned cross-national data center based in Luxembourg. The U.S. LIS Office provides support services to the administrative and technical teams in Luxembourg, communicates with U.S.-based media, and helps to raise awareness of LIS to domestic and international audiences.

Letter from Director Janet Gornick
Q&A with Jim Stone

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