Faculty Book: David C. Brotherton, ed.

David C. Brotherton and Louis Kontos, eds.

Encyclopedia of Gangs
(Greenwood Press, 2007)

This encyclopedia seeks to illuminate the world of gangs, including gang formations, routine gang activities, aberrations, and current developments. One hundred essay entries related to gangs in the U.S. and worldwide provide a diffuse overview of the gang phenomenon. Each entry defines and explains the term, provides an historical overview, and explains its significance today. The entries assert that gangs are part of the fabric of American society, not only in our communities but also our schools and other social institutions and that an understanding the world of gangs is necessary to understand American society. Entries include: Bikers, Bloods, Cholas, Crips, gang mythology, gang warfare, graffiti, Hell's Angels, Hong Kong Triads, Latin Kings, law enforcement, occultic gangs, mafia, media, prison gangs, rites, Skinheads, Streetgang Terrorism Omnibus Prevention Act, tattoos, trafficking, Wanna-bes, West Side Story, Witness Protection programs, and youth gangs. David Brotherton is a professor of criminal justice, sociology, and urban education at the Graduate Center and John Jay College.

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Submitted on: NOV 30, 2007

Category: Criminal Justice | Faculty Books | Sociology | Urban Education