Tuition & Fees

Tuition Rates


  • Doctoral and Master's Application Fee $75.00

  • Readmission Fee $20.00

  • Student Activities Fee $42.20*

  • Technology Fee (per semester) $125.00 (full-time)/$62.50 (part-time)

  • University Consolidated Services Fee (per semester) $15.00*

  • Late Registration Fee $25.00

  • Late Payment Fee $15.00

  • Change of Course Fee $18.00

  • Transcript of Record Fee $7.00

  • Duplicate Receipt Fee $10.00

  • Duplicate ID Card Fee $10.00

  • Duplicate Diploma Fee $30.00

  • Returned Check Fee $20.00

  • Academic Excellence Fee $100/credit: Applicable to all students admitted Fall 2018 or later in: M.S. in Cognitive Neuroscience, M.A. in International Migration Studies, M.A. in Liberal Studies, M.A. in Middle Eastern Studies, M.S. in Data Science, M.S. in Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences, M.S. in Data Analysis and Visualization, M.A. in Digital Humanities.

* Billed to each student and nonrefundable, unless a student's registration is cancelled by the Graduate Center or the student withdraws before the first day of classes.

Other Costs of Attendance

The costs of pursuing full-time graduate study are not, of course, restricted to the tuition and fee charges alone. An expense budget for the period September-May, drawn from government data in accordance with both federal and University regulations, appears below.

Single, Independent Student
Books and Supplies - Academic Year $1,516
Housing (including rent/utilities) - Academic Year $15,343
Food - Academic Year $5,230
Transportation - Academic Year $1,088
Personal - Academic Year $4,500

Tuition Payment

Payment Schedule

Full payment of tuition and fees is due by the first day of classes unless a formal agreement to defer tuition is approved. A chart outlining the tuition charges and a list of fees are below. All payments are to be made to the Bursar. Make checks payable to CUNY Graduate Center. Payment may also be made by credit card (MasterCard/Amex) and electronic checks on the Web. Checks, cash, and money order payments may be made in person at the Bursar's Office.

Warning Regarding Bounced Checks or Nonpayment

If a check tendered to any unit of the City University in payment of any obligation is not honored by the bank upon which it is drawn, a reprocessing fee of $15 will be assessed. If you do not make full payment on your tuition and fees and other college bills and your account is sent to a collection agency, you will be responsible for all collection costs, including agency fees, attorney fees, and court costs, in addition to whatever amounts you owe the college. In addition, nonpayment or a default judgment against your account may be reported to a credit bureau and reflected in your credit report.

Notice of Possible Changes

All tuition charges and fees listed herein, or in any registration material issued by the Graduate Center, are subject to change by action of the Board of Trustees of the City University of New York without prior notice. In the event of any increase in tuition charges and fees, payments already made to the Graduate Center will be treated as a partial payment, and notification will be given of the additional amount due and the time and method of payment. The University regrets any inconvenience this may cause.

Refunds for Withdrawal and Leave of Absence

Each student registration, once classes have begun and regardless of whether or not the student has paid tuition at the point of registration, constitutes a financial obligation to the State of New York that cannot be rescinded. Any leave of absence or withdrawal from an academic program or individual courses must be requested by the student in writing. All students who are administratively withdrawn from classes will receive a grade of “WA” and are fully tuition liable. Withdrawal requests submitted after classes have begun but before the deadline for program changes will entitle the student to a partial adjustment in tuition, according to the City University's established remission policies.

Remission of Tuition and Fees

Student liability and refund policy: Students are liable for the full amount of their tuition and fees, regardless of whether they receive expected financial aid, loans, or other financial support. The student activity fees and other nontuition charges cannot be refunded. Refunds of tuition must be based upon a timely written official withdrawal from classes. Such refunds are allowed only in accordance with a limited schedule established by City University policy. A student not entitled to a refund, even if withdrawn from classes is fully liable for any unpaid tuition and fees.

Important information concerning the Graduate Center tuition refund schedule.

A student is entitled to a full refund of tuition and noninstructional fees (where applicable) in the event that courses are cancelled or a student's registration is cancelled by the Graduate Center or one of the senior colleges. In the event of a student's withdrawal, a proportionate refund of tuition may be granted if valid reasons for withdrawal are presented. Formal application must be made. Upon approval of a written application, proportionate refund of tuition may be made as follows:

  • before the official starting day of classes for the semester--100%

  • within one week of the official starting day of classes for the semester--75%

  • within two weeks of the official starting day of classes for the semester--50%

  • within three weeks of the official starting day of classes for the semester--25%

  • subsequent to the third week after the official starting day of classes for the semester--none

This schedule is not applicable to withdrawals due to military, Peace Corps, or leaves for other national service, and is subject to change by action of the Board of Trustees of the City University of New York.

New York State Residency

For the purposes of determining tuition charges, a student is considered a resident of the State of New York if the student has his or her principal place of abode in the State of New York for a period of at least twelve consecutive months immediately preceding the first day of classes for the semester with respect to which the residency determination is made; states an intention to live permanently and maintain a principal place of abode in New York State; and, generally, is not in the United States on any temporary visa. Residence in a dormitory, hotel, or other temporary housing facility does not in itself establish New York State residency.

Petition for a Change of Residency

All students requesting a change of residency status must submit a City University Residency Form (PDF) to the Office of the Registrar along with sufficient supporting documentation (PDF) no later than the end of the third week of classes of the semester for which the change is to be effective. Unless a written petition is filed with the Registrar by the deadline and the Vice President for Student Affairs is notified in writing of the pending petition, no retroactive changes in residency can be made.

Residency policy as noted in the University Tuition & Fee Manual.

Doctoral Levels

Doctoral tuition charges are based on a student's “Level,” which is determined by a combination of the number of graduate credits completed (including, in the case of transfer students, credits accepted by the student's degree program and the Registrar) and specific academic accomplishments. These levels are defined as follows:

Level I—Students who have completed fewer than 45 credits of graduate work (including approved transfer credit) and/or have not passed the First Examination. At Level I only, students who are New York State residents and enrolled on a part-time basis-fewer than 7 credits and weighted instructional units (WIUs)-are billed on a per-credit basis. In addition, both full-time and part-time out-of-state and international students at Level I are billed at the per-credit rate for all credits/WIUs.

N.B. For billing purposes, courses taken by Level I students on an audit basis will be treated the same as courses taken for credit and will be included in the assessment of tuition charges. (For more details, see “Auditing Courses.”)

Level II—From the semester following the completion of 45 credits (fully earned and evaluated and including approved transfer credits) and passing of the First Examination, to advancement to candidacy.

Level III—From the semester following advancement to candidacy. Level III students registering for non-90000 courses for credit will be charged additional tuition on a per-credit basis. Level III students do not incur additional charges for courses audited.

Petition for a Change of Level

Students are responsible for ascertaining that their tuition level has been properly established. Students questioning their level for billing purposes must petition the Registrar's Office and the Vice President for Student Affairs in writing by the end of the third week of the semester in question. Unless a written petition is filed with the Registrar by the deadline and the Vice President for Student Affairs is notified in writing of the pending petition, no retroactive changes in level can be made.