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“You can’t learn Arabic here—you have to go abroad; and you have to hang out with people who speak Arabic.”

~ Professor Christopher Stone (Head of the Arabic program at Hunter)


“I studied at Alif, in Fez. My instructor was very knowledgeable, with a Ph.D. The old city was amazing. The people were happy and patient when I spoke Arabic.”  

Arthur Starr (MA-MES, Graduate Center)



“I appreciated the pace of life in Cairo—you wake up and enjoy your coffee and pastry. It’s a big city like New York yet people take time for family and friends.” 
~ Jenn Nina (MA-MES, Graduate Center)



“The highlight of my experience was going to a film with an Arabic question and answer session that I actually understood.” 
~ Liam Azulay-Yagev (MA-MES, Graduate Center)