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Internship Program

The MAMES Internship Program aims to allow students to hold internships with Middle East-related organizations, where they can apply their academic and linguistic experience, interact with and serve Middle Eastern communities, begin to devise a Capstone project, expand their professional network, and develop skills relevant to future professional jobs. Past internship sites have included Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, the Arab-American Family Support Center, Seeds of Peace, The New York Immigration Coalition, The Clinton Foundation, and the Islamic Art Department of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
The intern’s responsibilities (and opportunities) include showing up to work as scheduled (about 150 hours in all), fulfilling the tasks assigned by the site supervisor, initiating and suggesting ways to improve on the assigned tasks, making professional contacts, and using the experience to plan for future academic and professional pursuits. The site supervisor must be advised of the Internship Evaluation Questionnaire and must complete and send the Questionnaire back to MAMES at the end of the internship period. 

Students must submit a proposal and secure the permission of the Program Advisor to hold their internship. Once a student has embarked on his/her internship, MAMES’s supervision of the internship takes place through MES 77000: Internship, which may take the form of either a course or a series of individual advising meetings with a Program advisor.