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Ten graduate-level courses (worth thirty credits), distributed as follows, are required to complete the Program.
Required Courses: Students must take two required foundational courses, MES 71000: Approaches to the Study of the Middle East, and MES 73000: History of the Modern Middle East. The courses are offered each once annually, and should be taken ideally during a student’s first year in the Program.
Elective Courses: Students take seven elective courses. These may be MAMES courses or cross-listed Middle East-related courses offered through one of the Graduate Center’s PhD Programs or one of the MA Programs of CUNY’s colleges (with the appropriate program’s permission).
Thesis/Capstone Project: Students choose to either research and write a thesis under the supervision of an advisor (MES 79000) or complete a capstone project through the Capstone Seminar (MES 79001).
In addition, students are expected to gain an intermediate-level proficiency in a Middle Eastern language of their choice.
Program advisors are available to help students with a range of issues, from selecting and sequencing courses, to locating appropriate language programs and internship opportunities, demonstrating language proficiency, deciding whether to opt for a capstone project or thesis, and identifying and securing the agreement of a faculty member to serve as thesis advisor. Students must consult with a Program advisor (during advising hours or by email) before registering for courses each term. In particular, you must secure the advisor’s approval if you wish to enroll in MES 77000: Internship, MES 79700: Independent Study, or MES 79000: Thesis Supervision, take a course offered in another CUNY college, or transfer credits from, or take an advanced language course, outside CUNY.