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Learning Goals

The MA in Middle Eastern Studies offers students, via inter-disciplinary study, a scholarly understanding of the politics, history, societies, and cultures of the region with an emphasis on the modern period and in a comparative international context. Students will examine current fields of knowledge and theoretical analysis pertaining to the region and will refine and develop their research, critical, and expressive skills. Academic disciplines concerned include history, anthropology, sociology, political science, literature, art history, gender studies, and media studies. Students are expected also to acquire and demonstrate an intermediate-level proficiency in a Middle Eastern language of their choice. In addition, all students are strongly encouraged to enrich their studies through participation in the events, programs, and resources of the Middle East and Middle Eastern American Center (MEMEAC) and to utilize other abundant resources available in New York City.
By offering either an ultimate MA Thesis or Capstone Project as the supreme graduation requirement, MAMES seeks to develop student potential both for future academic work and for non-academic careers in which advanced knowledge of the Middle East is an asset. Students intending to apply for future doctoral study are strongly advised to complete a ca. 10,000-word research thesis under the supervision of a MAMES faculty advisor. Such theses will conform in every respect to the formal scholarly requirements of the field of knowledge the student has chosen.

Program Advisors

Program advisors are available to help students with a range of issues, from selecting and sequencing courses, to locating appropriate language programs and internship opportunities, demonstrating language proficiency, deciding whether to opt for a capstone project or thesis, and identifying and securing the agreement of a faculty member to serve as thesis advisor. Students must consult with a Program advisor (during advising hours or by email) before registering for courses each term. In particular, you must secure the advisor’s approval if you wish to enroll in MES 77000: Internship, MES 79700: Independent Study, or MES 79000: Thesis Supervision, take a course offered in another CUNY college, or transfer credits from, or take an advanced language course, outside CUNY.