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Faculty Book: Joyce Gelb

Joyce Gelb and Marian Lief Palley

Women and Politics around the World: A Comparative History and Survey
(ABC-CLIO, February 2009)

Though women represent more than half of the world's population, they account for only fifteen percent of its elected officials, and their particular concerns often go unaddressed in the political sphere. This two-volume work explores the role of women in political systems worldwide, and examines how government actions in various countries impact the lives of the female population. The first volume looks at such crucial issues facing women today as health policy, civil rights, and education. The second volume profiles twenty-two countries that represent a broad range of governments, economies, and cultures; reviews the history and current state of women's political and economic participation in each particular country; and includes an in-depth look at a representative policy. The result is a resource unlike any other—one that gives students, researchers, and other interested readers a fresh new way of investigating a truly global issue. Joyce Gelb is a professor of political science and liberal studies at City College and the Graduate Center. Purchase this book

Submitted on: MAR 30, 2009

Category: Faculty Books | Liberal Studies | Political Science