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Faculty Book: Morris Dickstein, ed.

The Great Gatsby: Critical Insights (Salem Press, 2009)

Spanning nearly forty years of critical study and representing a variety of critical approaches, this collection focuses on one of the most widely taught works of American literature. The volume begins with essays that provide the reader with cultural, historical, comparative, and critical contexts for understanding The Great Gatsby. Several essays consider the cultural and historical contexts of Fitzgerald’s work while critical comparisons link the novel to the poetry of Keats and the novels Daisy Miller and Passing. The section of contextual readings is followed by a selection of critical overviews, including Robert Roulston and Helen H. Roulston’s consideration of Gatsby as a type of culmination of Fitzgerald’s writings and Ruth Prigozy’s comprehensive introduction to the Oxford World Classic edition of Gatsby. The critical overviews are followed by a series of readings that focus on narrative style, color symbolism, and character analysis among other topics. Morris Dickstein is distinguished professor of English, theatre, and liberal studies at the Graduate Center.

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Submitted on: SEP 15, 2009

Category: English | Faculty Books | Liberal Studies | Theatre and Performance