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Professor Elizabeth Wissinger Discusses Diversity in Fashion

Press Coverage

When ‘Nude’ Is Only Nude for Some People

Bloomberg News “Pursuits,” 2.8.17

Fashion’s issues with color are born of a longstanding, racially insensitive beauty standard, said Elizabeth Wissinger, a professor of fashion studies at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. Wissinger, who’s done extensive research on diversity within the industry, says fashion has begun to acknowledge alternative body types and complexions, but its attachment to narrow traditions suggests it will take a long time. “Fashion claims to be nimble and responsive and on the cutting edge,” said Wissinger.  But “there are also such long cultural echoes of what’s deemed fashionable, so there’s this subconscious background of calling it ‘nude.’” 

Submitted on: FEB 8, 2017

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