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GC Digital Scholarship Lab Awarded Shared Grant to Launch Manifold Scholarship

The Graduate Center’s GC Digital Scholarship Lab, in partnership with the University of Minnesota Press, was recently awarded a $732,000 grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to launch Manifold Scholarship — a major advancement for scholarly authorship in a digital environment.
Most digitized editions of scholarly books are read-only replications of printed works. Manifold will foster an alternative form of digital publication that is networked and iterative, served on an interactive, open-source platform.

This new monograph form will provide access to primary research documents, links to related archives, rich media, social media, and reading tools, allowing revisions and expansions to reflect new research.
“We are in a rich moment of open experimentation as scholars and university presses attempt to broaden the reach and scope of academic research in networked environments,” said Matthew K. Gold, director of the GC Digital Scholarship Lab and associate professor of English and digital humanities at the Graduate Center. “And with its ongoing projects like Forerunners and Debates in the Digital Humanities, no university press is taking smarter or more aggressive risks than the University of Minnesota Press.”
Part of a larger set of Graduate Center Digital Intiatives, the GC Digital Scholarship Lab focuses on project-based work centered on the use of technology in research and teaching, particularly on creating collaboratively produced and community-based free software platforms for scholarly communication and public engagement.

Submitted on: MAY 1, 2015

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