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Colette Daiute
Position: Professor
Degrees/Diplomas: Columbia University
Research Interests: Human development in adversity – migration, political change, poverty; social change interactions of individuals, collectives and institutions; innovative policies and practices; language, narrative, organizatios as mediators of social change

Concentrations taught in MALS: Childhood and Youth Studies

Courses Taught in MALS:

MALS 78900  Childhood and Youth Studies: Approaches and Methods (Spring 2016 – Spring 2020)

Illegal, Undocumented, Citizen:The Politics and Psychology of Belonging and Exclusion in the United States (Fall 2018)


Journal article publications include:

- Daiute, C., Duncan, R.O., Marchenko, F. (2018). Meta-communication between designers and players of interactive digital narrative. In R. Rouse, H. Koenitz, M. Haahr (Eds.). Interactive Digital Narrative, 2018, LNCS 11318, Springer, pp. 134–142.
-Daiute, C. A relational theory of human development in the 21st century crisis of violence and displacement. Human Development. 59 (2-3):128–151
Book publications include:

Daiute, C. Narrative inquiry: A dynamic approach. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.
Daiute, C. Human development and political violence.  New York: Cambridge University Press.

About Professor Daiute

I am interested in how children and youth growing up in the midst of social and political conflict make sense of the rapidly changing and often catastrophic processes going on in their environments, how they fit, and what they would like to change. The interactions of young people with family, organizations, and governments are central to these interests. My research group’s projects, thus, occur in the context of innovative practices and policies.