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Degree Requirements

In order to graduate, students in the M.S. Program in Cognitive Neuroscience must fulfill the following requirements:


By the end of their final semester, students must submit a thesis, left to the discretion of their mentors. For documentation related to the thesis, including a thesis overview, please visit our website. For a list of potential mentors, please click here

If you planned on depositing your thesis this semester, the library has modified the procedure for verifying departmental approval of a student’s deposit. Until further notice: in lieu of the signed approval page, the library will accept an email from the Director confirming that the thesis project has been approved and is ready to deposit. This single email will suffice for both signatures on the approval page; no library verification from the advisor is necessary at this time. An email message to from your advisor approving your thesis will suffice. If your data collection has been impacted by school closures, please contact us to discuss contingency plans.

Until we hear further information, to apply for graduation, consult the library Dissertation and Theses: Deposit Procedure webpage for instructions. Contact us ( once you have applied as we must ensure you have fulfilled the degree requirements by submitting an Application for the Master of Arts/Science Degree form to the Office of the Registrar.