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The Sociology Student Association (SSA) advocates for student interest in the Sociology Program. This is done through serving on program committees, organizing SSA meetings, and organizing events for students.

To see the list of current SSA members check out the SSA website committee page.

The website also provides information to students about life in the program. Some content is only viewable to current students who are logged into (a GC student funded open source web platform for students interested in making websites). You can use OpenCUNY to participate on the SSA site as well as making your own academic, research, or conference site.

Student Groups

Working Groups 

Sociology Students Association

The Bob Alford Library

The Bob Alford Library, located in the lounge of the Sociology Program, provides a great resource to students. To borrow one of the books, or search the catalog go to and log in with the username alfordlibrary and the password gcsociology. 

Once you are logged in you can search for books, and when you would like to borrow one edit the tag for the book to say "checked out" and then your name or email. 

Please be respectful and remember to eventually return your books and put them back on the shelf that they belong.

Student Handbook

The Graduate Center Student Handbook (2019-2020)

Sociology Student Handbook

Other Resources

Dissertation Proposal Guidelines

Professional Development Timeline for Sociology Doctoral Students

Dissertation Deposit Procedures


We ask that students register intent to deposit on Banner.
(by January 15 for a February 2016 degree.)


Roxanne Shirazi, in her new role as Interim Dissertation Assistant, has created a guide with full instructions about the new deposit procedures. Please direct graduating students to


Highlights of the new process include:


1.       Students register intent to deposit and clear holds via Banner

2.       Approval pages, in paper copy, are delivered to the library

3.       Paper copies of the full graduate work are no longer archived by the library

4.       Deposit may be completed online; in-person appointment not required

5.       All graduate work is deposited in CUNY Academic Works; doctoral graduates also deposit dissertations in ProQuest


The library reviews online submissions to ensure they meet format requirements. When the uploaded files are approved and the signed approval page, in hard copy, has been received, the library will officially accept the deposit. Notification that the library deposit has been completed will be sent via email to the graduating student and to the Registrar’s office.


Forms for Students

Dissertation Committee Validation Form

Orals Committee Validation Form

Dissertation Proposal Cover Sheet

Registration Approval (PIN) Form

IRB Dissertation Clearance Form

International Travel Requirements for Current Students

Curricular Practical Training Request Form


Fellowships and Grants

Spotlight on Grants & Funding

Click HERE to view more funding opportunities.