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A Celebration of Black History Month

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A Celebration of Black History Month

The Presbyterian Outlook, 3.2.18

Rev. Jimmie Hawkins referred to a recent article from The Guardian news service entitled "Are African American families more vulnerable in a largely white neighborhood?”

"The article, written by Gregory Smithsimon, an associate professor of sociology at Brooklyn College, City University of New York, and The Graduate Center, CUNY, reads: 'White people in America tell themselves many stories about racism and race.' Smithsimon says that America suffers from a high level of segregation of black people in black neighborhoods and white people in white neighborhoods and his article explored the justification given: that people 'like to live with their own kind.' But studies show that only black and white people are so segregated from one another."

Submitted on: MAR 2, 2018

Category: GC Press Coverage | Sociology