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Industrial/Organizational Psychology Faculty

Yochi Cohen-Charash
Emotions, Justice; Personality and Work Attitudes
Harold W. Goldstein
Assessment/ Testing and Racial Differences; Leadership and Managerial Development
Joel Lefkowitz
Industrial and Organizational Psychology; Professional Ethics and Values
Karen Lyness
Women in leadership positions; Careers; Work-life issues; Cross-cultural; Gender and Diversity issues in the workplace
Hannah Rothstein
Research Synthesis; Employee Selection
Lise Saari
Industrial and Organizational Psychology
Charles Scherbaum
Assessment/ Testing and Racial Differences; Employee Selection Quantitative Methods/Psychometric
Robert Silzer
Industrial and Organizational Psychology
Kristin Sommer
Interpersonal rejection, social influence
Wei Wang
Quantitative methods, computational modeling, social network analysis, applied psychometrics, big data analytics and technology, with their broad applications in psychological, educational, and managerial areas.
Zhiqing Zhou
Workplace Mistreatment, Employee Health and Well-Being, Work-Nonwork Interface, Illegitimate Tasks