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Critical Social/Personality Psychology Faculty

Current Advisors/Dissertation Committee Members

Barrios, Luis
Latin American & Latino/os Studies; Qualitative-Participatory Action Research; Street and Prison Gangs; Liberation & Cultural Theology
Buckley, Tamara
Racial Identity; Cultural Competency and Diversity in Organizations
Cahill, Caitlin
Global restructuring, participatory action research, social justice, gentrification, immigration, education, zero -tolerance policies
Clegg, Josh W.
Relational theory, Phenomenology and Dialogic selves
Cumiskey, Katie
Daniels, Jessie
Racism, new media and health, incarceration and health
Davis, Dana-Ain
Fine, Michelle
Participatory Action Research and Studies of Social Injustice and Resistance; Urban Education
Freudenberg, Nicholas
Social Influences on Health, Health Policy; Incarceration and Health, Social Movements and Health
Frost, David
Luttrell, Wendy
Childhood/ Youth Studies; Visual Ethnography; Gender; Race; Class and Sexuality Studies; Equality/ Social Justice Studies
Nadal, Kevin
Counseling; Multicultural Issues
Opotow, Susan
Psychology of Conflict and Injustice; Aggression, Violence and Hate
Philogène, Gina
Immigration and Race, Social Representation of the Future, Psychology of Human Rights
Ramos-Zayas, Ana
Saegert, Susan
Stress and inner city families; comprehensive community development neighborhoods and communities; Home Ownership Relating to Social Capital and Neighborhood Quality; Density and Environmental Stress
Stoudt, Brett
Privilege; oppression; participatory action research; critical theories
Su, Celina
Public Policy; Participatory Community Development; Participatory Action Research; Participatory Democracy; Deliberation and Social Identity.
Tolman, Deborah
Feminist Theory; Sexuality
Torre, María Elena
Social Justice
VanOra, Jason
Narrative, Study of Lives, Urban Education, Community College, Qualitative Research, Persons-in-Context
Watts, Roderick J.
Youth sociopolitical development and activism, Youth community organizing and civic engacement, Men's development (especially African American men), Liberation Psychology, Social Identity and Action Research Methodology

Faculty Emeriti

Ouellette, Suzanne