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Clinical Psychology @ Queens College

Program Requirements

Course requirements for the Ph.D. degree include a minimum of 91 academic credits which prepare students broadly/generally in Clinical Psychology, along with training in Neuroscience and Clinical Neuropsychology.  Further, students must complete three qualifying examinations (1st and 2nd doctoral exams, and the Clinical Competency Exam), a minimum of two years of closely supervised externship experiences (at least one in Clinical Psychology and one in Clinical Neuropsychology), one minor (en route master’s project) and one major (doctoral dissertation) research project, and a one-year full-time internship. 

The curriculum emphasizes 1) the breadth of scientific psychology, 2) the scientific, methodological, and theoretical foundations of practice, 3) evidence-based psychological assessment and treatment, 4) cultural and individual diversity, and 5) attitudes for lifetime learning and professional development.  As students advance, training includes a more specific emphasis on neuroscience and clinical neuropsychology, as applied to the understanding of psychopathology and behavioral functioning, and the application of this knowledge to the assessment and treatment of clinical populations. The first two years of coursework must be completed in the required sequence as they are sequential, cumulative, and graded in complexity, and designed to prepare students to begin externship training at the end of the second year; courses beyond the second year may be taken in a different order, if necessary and approved.