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Behavior Analysis Faculty

Alvero, Alicia
Behavioral Workplace Safety; Performance Management and Workplace Training
Brown, Bruce
Pavlovian Conditioning; Timing and Temporal Control
Fienup, Daniel M.
Acquistion of Academic Subject Matter for Individuals with Disabilities and Typically Developing Students; Translational Research on the Application of the Principles of Stimulus Equivalence to Teaching Academically Relevant Concepts
Hemmes, Nancy
Learning Processes; Behavior Analysis
Jones, Emily A.
Clinical Psychology
Lanson, Robert
Human and Animal Psychophysics, Behavior Modification
Logue, Alexandra W.
Learning and Motivation
Ploog, Bertram
Behavior Analysis, Behavioral Models, Autism, Attention, Comparative Cognition
Pytte, Carolyn
Adult Neurogenesis
Ranaldi, Robert
Neurobiological Substrates of Drugs of Abuse and Learning-Motivation
Sturmey, Peter
Children with Developmental Disability

Supporting Faculty

Patricia J. Krantz, Ph.D., University of Kansas
Princeton Child Development Institute

David Kuhn, Ph. D., Louisiana State University
Applied Behavior Analysis, Assessment and Treatment of Severe Brain Problems

Lynn E. McClannahan, Ph.D., University of Kansas Princeton Child Development Institute

Claire L. Poulson, Ph.D., Professor Emerita, University of Kansas
Experimental analysis of infant and child behavior, applied behavior analysis, education and treatment of children with autism, development of language and communication