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Animal Behavior and Comparative Psychology Faculty

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Basil, Jennifer
Comparative cognition and sensory ecology
Braun, Christopher
Comparative sensory systems and behavior
Chase, Sheila
Comparative Cognition; Animal Behavior and Conservation, Memory and Decision Processing
Delamater, Andrew
Neurobehavioral mechanisms of associative learning
Feinstein, Paul G.
Research in Neurobiology of Olsaction
Ghirlanda, Stefano
Behavior theory, associative learning, neural network models of behavior, stimulus generalization, architecture of behavior systems, mathematical modeling, cultural evolution
Grasso, Frank W.
Neural Systems for control and coordination of behavior: BioMimetic Robotics, Quantitative Animal Behavior, Biological and Artificial Neural networks architectures.
Harding, Cheryl Faye
Effects of immune function on brain and behavior.
Hemmes, Nancy
Learning Processes; Behavior Analysis
Horvitz, Jon C.
Neurochemistry of Motivation
Lahti, David C.
Animal behavior, Cultural evolution, communication systems
Levitt, Jonathan
Neuroanatomy/ Neurophysiology of Vision, Brain Development; Visual Perception
Luine, Victoria
Neurochemistry of Memory
McCloskey, Daniel
Biopsychology; Evolutionary Psychology
Moller, Peter
Electric fish, maze learning, endocrine disruptors
Ploog, Bertram
Behavior Analysis, Behavioral Models, Autism, Attention, Comparative Cognition
Preuss, Thomas
Comparative Neuroscience of Decision Making
Pytte, Carolyn
Adult Neurogenesis
Ranaldi, Robert
Neurobiological Substrates of Drugs of Abuse and Learning-Motivation
Reiss, Diana
Animal Cognition and Communication; Evolution of Intelligence
Rockwell, Robert
Population dynamics ; Genetics of the lesser snow goose
Serrano, Peter
Behavioral and molecular neuroscience of stress effects on learning and memory
Tchernichowski, Ofer
Neural Mechanisms of Vocal Learning