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Professor Michelle Fine and Graduate Student Karyna Pryiomka Featured in 'Daily News' Op-Ed.

In a recent Daily News op-ed, "In Assessing Student Learning, One Size Does Not Fit All," Ann Cook and Phyllis Tashlik of the Performance Standards Consortium, reference a groundbreaking longitudinal, quasi-experimental study of CUNY student achievement, disaggregated by race/ethnicity and socioeconomic status, using holistic college admissions.

With three years of student progress data (retention, credits accumulated, and GPA), Professor Michelle Fine (Psychology, Liberal Studies, Urban Education) and doctoral student Karyna Pryiomka (Critical Social Personality Psychology) have been collaborating with the CUNY  admissions team and the Performance Standards Consortium. The evidence is most compelling. For three successive cohorts (so far), pilot students admitted to CUNY four-year institutions, with below 500 "cut off" scores on SATs, progress as well, if not better, than the average CUNY student, even as they are more likely to be "economically disadvantaged," African American and Latino, from the Bronx, than the general CUNY population. The "consortium boost" is particularly robust for underrepresented minorities and Black males more specifically. The original study, "Assessing College Readiness Through Authentic Student Work: How the City University of New York and the New York Performance Consortium Are Collaborating Toward Equity," (July 21, 2020) is on the Learnig Policy Institute website

Submitted on: JUN 21, 2021

Category: Psychology