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The Ph.D. Program in Psychology is administered by an Executive Officer with the advice and consent of an Executive Committee. For purposes of administration, it shall be operationally divided into ten training areas (listed in the last accordion) and, with the approval of the Executive Officer and the Executive Committee, may reformulate and evolve with the changing demands of the field.

Psychology Executive Office

The Psychology Executive Office oversees the Ph.D. Program in Psychology. 

Executive Officer - Richard Bodnar

Richard BodnarThe Executive Officer, Dr. Richard Bodnar, chairs the Psychology Executive Committee and other Committees as specified in the Psychology Govenance Plan; oversees academic and administrative operations of the consortial doctoral program in Psychology; allocates program resources; works with the Graduate Center administration on behalf of the doctoral program; works closely with CUNY campus administrators, especially Department Chairs, Deans, and Provosts to ensure smooth operation of the consortium.

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Deputy Executive Officer for Research - Sarah Berger

DEO Professor Sarah Berger ( provides essential support to three primary program research initiatives: the Doctoral Student Research Grant Program (DSRG); the Dissertation Fellowship Program (DFP); and Psychology Research Day. For the first two grant programs, the DEO assists with announcements to students, encourages participation, and provides guidance to student applicants. Specifically, with respect to the DSRG, the DEO solicits reviewers, establishes appropriate review panels, works with panel chairs to revise and develop review criteria, oversees the review process and compliance with GC policies, and prepares a report to the EO with recommendations for funding. For the DFP, the DEO solicits reviewers and encourages student participation. For Psychology Student Research Day, the DEO works with the student committee and the EO office to oversee the planning for the day.

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Deputy Executive Officer for Pedagogy and Professional Development - Patricia Brooks

Patricia BrooksProfessor Patricia Brooks oversees Psychology’s Pedagogy program. This program includes the annual Teaching of Psychology Conference in the fall semester, additional professional development in pedagogy, and hosting the Society for the Teaching of Psychology’s Graduate Student Teaching Association.  Professor Brooks maintains the program’s connection with the Society for the Teaching of Psychology and the American Psychological Association’s Education Directorate, including seeking funding opportunities; forging relationships with the campus Centers for Teaching and Learning to ensure access to services for our students; developing possible speakers and trainers; identifying psychology alumni with pedagogy expertise; and continuing to build a community of CUNY psychology scholars of teaching and learning.

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Deputy Executive Officer for The Graduate Center Campus - Michelle Fine

Michelle FineDEO Professor Michelle Fine, (, serves as the local "Chair," working with the faculty and students who are based at the Graduate Center to ensure they have the support and resources they need to do their work.

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Administrative Staff

The administrative staff works with the Executive Officer, faculty and student leaders to support the mission of the doctoral program in Psychology. The staff who work directly with the Executive Office are two Assistant Program Officers, two college assistants, and multiple work study students. In addition, the program is served by a number of part-time administrative support staff on the campuses as well as countless administrative staff in the GC administration and in the campus administrative offices that support our program in many ways.

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APO for Administration and Program Management - Swe Swe Htay

The APO for Administration and Program Management, Swe Swe Htay (, under the direction of the Executive Officer, oversees the day-to-day administrative responsibilities of the doctoral program.  Her many responsibilities include developing procedures, systems, and databases to support the program, managing the EO staff, helping to manage resources and space (including budgets, facilities, room reservations, and supplies), supporting the course scheduling process, and serving as the key liaison with the Provost’s Office, the Business Office, and the Financial Aid Office for financial aid, budget and human resources matters. She manages the student and faculty files, and supports governance meetings and many Program events.

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APO for Academic Support and Student Progress - Jude Kubran

The APO for Academic Support and Student Progress, Ms. Jude Kubran (, under the direction of the Executive Officer and the Deputy Executive Officer for Student Progress, assists over 550 students and 250 faculty in understanding the milestone requirements of the Ph.D. process; ensures that the EO office has the requisite documents and clear guidance in place to ensure milestone achievement; and, works closely with the DEO for Student Progress (and EO) on resolving Satisfactory Progress Reports.  She also assists students and faculty in understanding other academic requirements and necessary paperwork, works to foster collaboration among students, faculty, the EO Office, and where necessary, GC administrative offices, serving as a trouble-shooter and problem-solver.  She distributes information needed by students regarding registration and advancement, and ensures that the information students and faculty need is on the Psychology web site.  She provides staff support to the two major academic events for the doctoral program, Pedagogy Day and Psychology Student Research Day, including working with faculty, student chairs and committees of these events to plan for needed facilities, catering or other provisions, and helping to staff the events.

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College Assistants

The College Assistants report directly to the APO for Administration and Program Management, who, in consultation with the EO, coordinates work assignments and ensures that the EO, DEOs, faculty and student leaders, and the APO for Academic Support and Student Progress, have the most effective staff support possible given resources provided. You may contact our College Assistants at

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Campus Assistants

Baruch College
Tyla Vidal

Brooklyn College
Parbatie Chitolie

City College
Melissa Mayers-Morris

Hunter College
Maria Helena Reis

John Jay College
Shakiera Duren

Queens College
Angela Levy

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Psychology Ombudsperson

Martin RuckThe Psychology Ombudsperson, Professor Martin Ruck,, is appointed by the Executive Officer, who selects  a faculty member who is not a current member of any program standing committee to serve as Ombudsperson for Psychology.

The Ombudsperson is available to all Psychology students to discuss matters of concern in complete confidentiality. This position is in addition to the Graduate Center’s Ombudsperson, who is also available for student or faculty consultation.

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Executive Committee (2020-2021)

The Executive Committee is responsible for establishing policy for the Ph.D. program in Psychology, acting on the recommendations of standing committees. It is also responsible for all matters pertaining to students, including student status, applications for admission, and cases of disciplinary action.

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Committee Meetings

The Psychology Executive Committee meets four times in a semester from 2:00-4:00PM in Room 6304.01.

The meeting schedule for Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 can be found here:

Fall 2020
Friday, September 25, 2020
Thursday, October 22, 2020
Friday, November 20, 2020
Friday, December 11, 2020

Spring 2021
Friday, February 19, 2020
Friday, March 19, 2020
Friday, April 16, 2020
Friday, May 21, 2020

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Voting Members

The Voting Members of the Executive Committee are:

Executive Officer
Richard Bodnar

Training Area Representatives

Basic & Applied Social Psychology
Demis Glasford

Behavioral & Cognitive Neuroscience
Philip H. Zeigler

Clinical @ John Jay
Phil Yanos

Clinical @ Queens
Joel Sneed

Cognitive & Comparative Psychology
Andy Delamater

Critical Social/Personality & Environmental Psych.
Bret Stoudt

Developmental Psychology
Anna Stetsenko

Health Psychology & Clinical Science
Tracey Revenson
Evelyn Behar

Industrial & Organizational Psychology
Charles Scherbaum

Psychology & Law
Mark Fondacaro

Campus Chair/ Faculty Campus Representatives

Baruch College
Jennifer Mangels

Brooklyn College
Glen Hass

City College
Robert Melara

College of Staten Island        
Kathleen M. Cumiskey

Hunter College
Christopher Braun

John Jay College
Angela Crossman

Queens College
Robert Lanson

Student Campus Representatives

Baruch College
Alessa Natale

City College

College of Staten Island   
Melissa Horger

Graduate Center
Cristina Onea

Hunter College
Rachel Fikslin

John Jay College
Stephanie Sorage

Queens College
Kristena Newman

Brooklyn College
Chloe Brittenham

Student Alternate Campus Representative

College of Staten Island
Sapir Elmaliah

Brooklyn College
Nicole Amada

Deputy Executive Officers

In addition, the Deputy Executive Officers sit ex officio without vote on the Executive Committee (unless they are separately elected as the cluster or campus representative, in which case they would have the normal voting rights).

Deputy Executive for Pedagogy
Patricia Brooks

Deputy Executive for The Graduate Center
Michelle Fine

Deputy Executive for Research
Sarah Berger

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Training Areas

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