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Photonics Track

New Photonics Track Now Available

The new photonics track in the Ph.D. Program in Physics at The Graduate Center, CUNY allows students to push the boundaries of a fast-growing specialty and to find widespread applications in communications, energy, life sciences, and optics. Students work with renowned faculty who are making discoveries in areas such as quantum optics and computing, energy storage, communications sciences, metamaterials, electromagnetics, and plasmonics. 

Research in Cutting-Edge Labs 

Through our unique, collaborative program, students conduct high-impact research in state-of-the-art labs and facilities, including at the Advanced Science Research Center at The Graduate Center (CUNY ASRC). 

Make Career Connections 

From high-fiber optics, to quantum computing, biomedicine to energy, the applications of photonics are practically infinite. Studying photonics in New York City, students have unparalleled opportunities to network and interact with leaders in industry, government, and research. 

Collaborate with Top Faculty

Students in the photonics track conduct research with faculty members who are leading the photonics field. Their research spans topics in electromagnetics, from radio to light waves; plasmonics and excitonics; ultrafast and quantum optics; nanophotonic materials; optomechanics; and much more.

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Students may choose to work with faculty members who are affiliated with the photonics track, but they are also free to select advisers from the entire physics program faculty

Course of Study

Students in the photonics track follow the curriculum for all physics graduate students with a few differences. Photonics track students may take a photonics course offered in the first year, and they do not need to take Analytical Dynamics.

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Join Us

We are looking for exceptional graduate students to join us in our dynamic research environment.

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For more information, please contact:

Alexios P. Polychronakos
Executive Officer, Ph.D. Program in Physics

Andrea Al├╣
Director, CUNY ASRC Photonics Initiative