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Alexios P. Polychronakos
Integrable models and many-body systems, noncommutative field theory
James L. Popp
Practical applications for particle detector technologies, developing techniques doing cosmic ray muon tomography
Alexander Punnoose
Yuhang Ren
Ultrafast optical spectroscopy
Emily Rice
Astrophysics and Astronomy
Elisa Riedo
Nanometer scale mechanical, chemical and physical properties of materials and Liquid-Solid Interfaces. The focus is to understand and design structure-chemistry-function at the nanoscale.
Viraht Sahni
Theoretical electronic structure of matter: atoms, molecules, solids and solid surfaces
Karl Sandeman
Phase transitions and their applications, magnetic materials, solid-state cooling.
Myriam P. Sarachik
Condensed matter properties at low temperature
Tobias Schaefer
nonlinear, nonlocal, and random phenomena, described by ordinary or partial differential equations
David Schmeltzer
Topological insulators; topological superconductors; odd viscosity for superconductors; boundary problems- violation of the continuity equation for topological materials; photoemission for TI.
Brian B. Schwartz
Mark D. Shattuck
Soft matter, granular materials, acoustic meta-materials.
Aidong Shen
Molecular beam epitaxy, compound semicoductor materials, quantum structures and nanostructures, photonic devices, infrared technology.
Kai Shum
CsSnI3 related material synthesis, characterization, device applications including solar cells.
Ruth E. Stark
Structural biology approaches to study plant protective polymers, lipid metabolism, and potentially pathogenic melanized fungal cells
Richard N. Steinberg
Physics education research
Sophia N. Suarez
High-Pressure Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) and AC Impedance Spectroscopies (IS) to study the ion and mass transport properties of electrolyte materials used in electrochemical devices such as fuel cells and supercapacitors
So Takei
Hard condensed matter physics and spintronics.
Maria C. Tamargo
MBE Growth: 2D systems; II-VI Materials and quantum coscade devices, Topological Insulators; Type-II quantum dots, solar cells.
Allen M. Tesdall
Hyperbolic systems of conservation laws
Brian C. Tiburzi
Theoretical nuclear and particle physics, lattice gauge theory
Micha Tomkiewicz
Environmental issues, science and society, photoelectrochemistry, electrochemistry, physics and chemistry of solid-liquid interfaces, morphology and transport properties of composite media, solar energy conversion and storage, photovoltaic devices, batteries.
Jacob Trevino
The Trevino group investigates the physics and applications of nanoscale photonic, electronic and mechanical structures, including nano-plasmonics, micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) nano-bio
Jiufeng J. Tu
Magneto-spectroscopy, Superconductivity, Magneto-Spectroscopy Studies of Quantum Systems under Extreme Conditions. Large part of the work will be carried out at the new National Synchrotron Light Source (NSLS-II) at Brookhaven National Lab.
Raymond T. Tung
Modification of schottky barrier height at metal-semiconductor interfaces by the formation of interlayers, combining UHV and Liquid Phase (CULP) processing of nanoparticles and interfaces, soft contact formation by printing in ultrahigh vacuum, a chemical perspective of the formation of band-offset and molecular level alignment at solid interfaces, schottky barrier height
Justin F. Vazquez-Poritz
Sergey A. Vitkalov
Dynamical and nonlinear properties of low dimensional electron systems
Luat Vuong
Photonics/plasmonics, nonlinear dynamics/pattern formation, nanofluids.
Chuixiang Yi
Future climate change and the impact of extreme weather and climate on terrestrial ecosystems and society.
Alexandre M. Zaitsev
Displaying results 101-131 (of 131)
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