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Matthew O'Dowd J.
Campus Affiliation: Graduate Center|Lehman College
Research Interests: The physics of quasar accretion disks out outflows through microlensing analysis of gravitationally lensed quasars.
Matt O'Dowd, Deputy Executive Officer of the Ph.D. program at the Graduate Center, and Assistant Professor at Lehman College, has just launched the second season as writer and host of the very successful show Space Time. This weekly YouTube show on physics, astrophysics, and space is made in collaboration with PBS Digital Studios. So far the show has covered a breadth of material from exobiology to warp drives to Einstein's relativity. Although intended for a lay audience, the show prides itself on taking popular science to a higher level. Matt says, "The philosophy of Space Time is that anyone can get this stuff. We trust you with the real story, and so we'll tell you everything we can without resorting to bad metaphors, jargon, or complex mathematics." PBS Space Time episodes come out every Wednesday, can be found here. 
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