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Dmitry A. Garanin
Position: Professor
Campus Affiliation: Lehman College
Phone: (718) 960-8014
Degrees/Diplomas: Ph.D. Moscow State University
Research Interests: Random-field and random-anisotropy magnets; relaxation and decoherence, including spin-lattice interaction, superradiance and phonon bottleneck magnetomechanical effects in nanomagnets; quantum transitions including Landau-Zener effect; spin tunneling in molecular magnets, including fronts of tunneling; magnetic deflagration; structure and dynamics of small magnetic particles, including internal spin waves; collapse of skyrmions in ferro- and antiferromagnets.
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Dr. Dmitry Garanin has recently published Classical Mechanics, a very concise graduate-level textbook on classical mechanics, mostly close to Landau & Lifshitz. For more information, see the Physics Ph.D. Program facebook page.