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Aizin, Gregory
Alfano, Robert R.
Supercontinuum, ultrafast spectroscopy, biomedical optics, singular optics, fiber optics
Alù, Andrea
Anchordoqui, Luis A.
Balasubramanian, Vijay
Bathe, Stefan
Experimental high energy nuclear physics, in the subfield of heavy ion physics, with the PHENIX and sPHENIX experiments at RHIC at Brookhaven National Laboratory
Benseman, Timothy
Development of high-temperature superconducting solid-state lasers and optoelectronic devices for operation in the 'terahertz gap' region.
Bergou, János A.
Quantum optics, quantum information, measurements, foundations
Berman, Oleg
Biais, Nicolas
Experimental biophysics and the role of physical forces in microbiology.
Bialek, William
Bongiorno, Angelo
Density functional theory study of low-dimensional materials such as graphene oxide and inorganic materials for energy conversion applications. Research efforts include the development of computational methods to simulate - and thus interpret - the experiment.
Booth, James F.
Dynamics and thermodynamics of the atmosphere, focusing on the midaltitudes.
Boutis, Gregory S.
Biophysics, Magnetic resonance, Condensed matter
Boyer, Timothy H.
Theoretical physics
Cadieu, Fred J.
Synthesis of magentic films and magentic memory structures
Catto, Sultan M.
Chang, Ngee-Pong
Theoretical high energy physics
Chen, Xi XC,
Next generation sensors, actuators, energy conversion and storage devices by using novel nanostructured and bio-inspired functional materials.
Chen, Ying-Chih
Experimental optics, laser physics, fiber lasers, laser arrays, biomedical imaging, focusing and imaging in optically diffusive media
Cheung, Tak D.
Chudnovsky, Eugene M.
Topological phenomena in magnets and superconductors in the presence of quenched randomness due to impurities and lack of crystallinity
Cohen, Leon
Quantum Mechanics, Signal Analysis, Noise Theory, Wave Propogation
Cruz, Kelle L.
Low mass stars and brown dwarfs, optical and near-infrared spectroscopy, cool atmospheres, stellar content of the Solar Neighborhood
Deych, Lev
Theoretical analysis of solar cell systems, theoretical optomechaniscs, and physics of semiconductor nanostructures
Douglas, Andrew F.
The structure and representation theory of Lie groups, and Lie algebras; and their application to physics.
Dumitru, Adrian
I am working on various aspects of QCD (Quantum Chromodynamics) in extreme conditions. This includes particle production in high-energy collisions as carried out at the BNL-RHIC and CERN-LHC accelerators as well as understanding the properties of the plasma of quarks and gluons at very high temperatures.
Evans, Cherice M.
Ferrer, Efrain
Ferroglia, Andrea
Theoretical high energy physics: I study the phenomenology of the strong and weak interactions in processes measured at high energy colliders by applying fixed order perturbatin theory and resummation methods.
Feuer, Mark D.
Ford, Kathleen E. S.
Franco, Sebasti´an Federico
String theory and the geometry of particle physics
Garanin, Dmitry A.
Random-field and random-anisotropy magnets; relaxation and decoherence, including spin-lattice interaction, superradiance and phonon bottleneck magnetomechanical effects in nanomagnets; quantum transitions including Landau-Zener effect; spin tunneling in molecular magnets, including fronts of tunneling; magnetic deflagration; structure and dynamics of small magnetic particles, including internal spin waves; collapse of skyrmions in ferro- and antiferromagnets.
Gayen, Swapan K.
Optical biomedical imaging, turnable solid state lasers, nanoscience, nonlinear optics
Ge, Li
Strong interactions and new phenomena in non-Hermitian systems, including unconventional lasers, Parity-Time symmetric optics, optomechanics, nonequilibrium condensation, etc.
Genack, Azriel Z.
Random photonics systems, micowaves, light localization.
Gerry, Christopher C.
Quantum optics, quantum information processing, and foundations of quantum theory
Gersten, Joel I.
Condensed matter theory, materials science, surface science, sonoluminescense
Ghaemi, Pouyan
Condensed Matter Physics
Ghose, Ranajeet
Giovambattista, Nicolas
Gopalakrishnan, Sarang
Theoretical condensed matter physics, Theoretical atomic and optical physics, Quantum information theory
Gorokhovsky, Anshel
Goss, Dixie J.
Greenbaum, Steven G.
Greenberger, Daniel M.
Neutron interferometry; quantum theory; relativity; history and philosophy of science
Gumbs, Godfrey
Theoretical condensed matter physics, electronic and optical properties of semi-conductor mesoscopic and biological systems
Gunner, Marilyn R.
Biophysics – theory
Gupta, Rupal
Understanding the electronic and magnetic properties of biological metal ions using Mossbauer and electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopies. By employing quantum chemical calculations, we are working to predict magnetic properties of metal cofactors in bio-molecules.
Displaying results 1-50 (of 131)
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