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  • Experimenter's Gender Can Skew Science

    Gizmodo, 1.12.18 Read more

  • ‘Moral Injury’ and Our Veterans

    The New York Times, “Letters to the Editor,” 12.24.17 Read more

  • Eric Mandelbaum Awarded an N.E.H. Fellowship for Research on "Propaganda and Belief in the Modern World"

    Professor Eric Mandelbaum, Associate Professor of Philosophy at the Graduate Center and Baruch College, has been awarded a fellowship from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH). The fellowship supports a project entitled "Propaganda and Belief in the Modern World", which comprises three scholarly articles and a book-length study on the psychology of belief formation. According to the NEH, Mandelbaum's grant is among 74 fellowships awarded this year, which total $3.5 million in funding for higher-education faculty and independent scholars pursuing advanced research.

    Mandelbaum joined the Department of Philosophy at Baruch College in 2013 after holding positions at Oxford University, Yale, and Harvard, and was appointed to the Graduate Center's Philosophy faculty in 2016. He is a prolific scholar whose work spans an array of topics in philosophy of mind, philosophy of psychology, epistemology, and much more. His research efforts include collaborations with fellow CUNY Graduate Center philosophers, including Distinguished Professor Jesse Prinz, recent alumnus Jake Quilty-Dunn, and PhD candidates Joseph Bendaña and Jennifer Ware.

    ​In addition to this NEH award, Mandelbaum was recently honored with a Mid-Career Fellowship from the Graduate Center's Committee for Interdisciplinary Science Studies and the Baruch College Presidential Excellence Award for Distinguished Scholarship. He also received a Open Educational Resources Course Development Grant from New York State, with which he and PhD candidate Jesse Rappaport will develop a zero-cost, open-access textbook for Logic courses at the CUNY colleges. This joint effort by Mandelbaum and Rappaport advances a CUNY initiative "to reduce costs for students and accelerate their progress through college", but moreover, to change a culture of higher education in which student expenses are "too often an insurmountable barrier to academic success". Read more

  • How a Skeptic Became a Stoic

    The Chronicle of Higher Education, 11.19.17 Read more

  • Anger Is Temporary Madness: the Stoics Knew How to Curb It

    Aeon, 10.16.17 Read more

  • 2017 Philosophy Department Newsletter

    The 2017 Philosophy Department Newsletter is now available to view online at:

    Read more

  • Distinguished Professor Charles W. Mills Elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences

    Charles W. Mills, who was welcomed into the CUNY GC Philosophy faculty as a Distinguished Professor in 2016, has been elected into the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, a community of scholars and leaders which "serves the nation as a champion of scholarship, civil dialogue, and useful knowledge."

    In an announcement to the CUNY GC community, Provost Joy Connolly writes:
    "Founded in 1780, the Academy gathers some of the world's most accomplished scholars, scientists, writers, and artists for independent policy research on pressing challenges. . . . Professor Mills, a celebrated and prolific author, focuses on social and political philosophy, particularly in oppositional political theory as centered on class, gender, and race. His first book, The Racial Contract (Cornell University Press, 1997), is now read in hundreds of courses nationwide, from philosophy to anthropology."

    See the AAAS's press release on the election of the 237th class of members for more information on this impressive honor. Read more

  • Jonathan Jacobs Awarded NEH Grant for Medieval Jewish Philosophy Summer Seminar

    Professor Jonathan Jacobs, Chair of the Department of Philosophy and Director of the Institute for Criminal Justice Ethics at John Jay College, has been awarded a National Endowment for the... Read more

  • Miranda Fricker Elected Fellow of the British Academy

    Professor Miranda Fricker has been elected as a Fellow of the British Academy. Professor Fricker joins the CUNY Graduate Center Philosophy Program Fall 2016. She has pioneered research into epistemic... Read more

  • John Greenwood Elected President of the Society for the History of Psychology

    Professor John Greenwood is the new President-Elect of the Society for the History of Psychology, Division 26 of the American Philosophical Association. The Society for the History of Psychology is... Read more