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Faculty Book: John Kleinig

John Kleinig, Peter Mameli, Seumas Miller, Douglas Salane, and Adina Schwartz

Security and Privacy: Global Standards for Ethical Identity Management in Contemporary Liberal Democratic States
(ANU E Press, 2012)

This study is principally concerned with the ethical dimensions of identity management technology—electronic surveillance, the mining of personal data, and profiling—in the context of transnational crime and global terrorism. The challenge is to establish an acceptable and sustainable equilibrium between security and privacy—two central moral values in contemporary liberal democracies. The authors seek to articulate legally sustainable, politically possible, and technologically feasible global ethical standards for identity management technology and policies, and take as their primary focus the tensions that have arisen between the United States and the European Union. John Kleinig (Prof., John Jay) is on the doctoral faculty in criminal justice and philosophy.

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Submitted on: FEB 22, 2012

Category: Criminal Justice | Faculty Books | Philosophy