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GC Philosophy Ranked among Top Five for Cognitive Science

The GC’s Ph.D. Program in Philosophy has been recognized as one of the top five programs for the study of cognitive science by Brian Leiter’s highly regarded Philosophical Gourmet Report:

The top five programs are, in alphabetical order: City University of New York Graduate Center; New York University; Rutgers University–New Brunswick; University of Arizona; and Washington University, St. Louis. The rankings are based primarily on perceived quality of the philosophical work of the faculty members.

Twenty-seven philosophers from the around the world sat on the evaluation committee: Murat Aydede (University of British Columbia), José Luis Bermudez (Texas A&M), Ned Block (NYU), David Braddon-Mitchell (University of Sydney), Peter Carruthers (University of Maryland), David Chalmers (University of Arizona), Jonathan Cohen (University of California–San Diego) , Tim Crane (University of Cambridge), John Doris (Washington University in St. Louis), Owen Flanagan (Duke University), Tamar Szabó Gendler (Yale University), Alvin Goldman (Rutgers University), Paul Griffiths (University of Sydney), David Hilbert (University of Illinois at Chicago), Anne Jaap Jacobson (University of Houston), Patricia Kitcher (Columbia University), Stephen Laurence (University of Sheffield), Peter Ludlow (Northwestern University), Edouard Machery (University of Pittsburgh), Ronald Mallon (University of Utah), Jennifer Nagel (University of Toronto–Mississauga), David Papineau (King’s College, London), Walter Sinnott-Armstrong (Duke University), Stephen Stich (Rutgers University), Michael Strevens (New York University), Michael Tye (University of Texas–Austin), Robert Wilson (University of Alberta).

Submitted on: DEC 10, 2011

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