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Faculty Book: Gertrude Ezorsky

Gertrude Ezorsky

Freedom in the Workplace?
(Cornell University Press, 2007)

Gertrude Ezorsky shows that the notions of freedom held by most contemporary social scientists and philosophers are far too limited to account for the reality of the workplace, where workers are illegally coerced not to organize unions that could improve their wages and older, and sick workers are forced to stay in exhausting jobs to be eligible for pensions. The author takes real cases to illustrate this lack of freedom in the workplace and develops a concept of freedom to replace concepts which are widely accepted today. In addition to her philosophical investigations Ezorsky provides valuable information on the specifics of labor relations, including employment at will; the NLRA and NLRB; OSHA; outsourcing; and the distinctions among closed, union, and agency shops. Readers interested in moral philosophy, applied ethics, and labor relations will find Ezorsky's arguments clear, forceful, and compelling. Gertrude Ezorsky is a professor emerita of philosophy at Brooklyn College and the Graduate Center.

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Submitted on: AUG 1, 2007

Category: Faculty Books | Philosophy