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Faculty Book: Steven M. Cahn, ed.

Steven M. Cahn, ed.

Exploring Ethics: An Introductory Anthology, 2nd ed.
(Oxford University Press, 2010)

This anthology is a remarkably accessible, concise, and engaging introduction to moral philosophy. The editors bring together a rich, balanced, and wide-ranging collection of forty classic and contemporary readings, edited to be exceptionally clear and understandable to undergraduate students. The selections are organized into three parts: Challenges to Morality, Moral Theories, and Moral Problems. The third part presents the current debates over abortion, euthanasia, famine relief, terrorism, torture, affirmative action, animal rights, and the environment, and concludes with essays on death and the meaning of life. Each reading is preceded by a detailed introduction and followed by study questions that encourage students to think philosophically. The second edition features eight new selections by Plato, Virginia Held, Daniel Hill, Rosalind Hursthouse, Thomas Nagel, Henry Shue, Elliott Sober, and Richard Taylor. Steven Cahn (Prof., GC) is on the doctoral faculty in philosophy and urban education.

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Submitted on: OCT 6, 2010

Category: Faculty Books | Philosophy | Urban Education