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Faculty Book: Virginia Held

Virginia Held

How Terrorism Is Wrong: Morality and Political Violence
(Oxford University Press, 2008; pbk. 2011)

In a combination of new and previously published essays, Held examines the nature of terrorism and evaluates justifications for using violence, such as in self-defense or to enforce the rule of law. She addresses the connection between terrorism and humiliation and considers military intervention, conventional war, intervention to protect human rights, violence to prevent political change, and the status and requirements of international law. She looks at the cases of Rwanda, Kosovo, Iraq, and the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Finally, Held explores questions of who has legitimate authority to engage in justifiable uses of violence, whether groups can be responsible for ethnic violence, and how the media should cover terrorism. Virginia Held is distinguished professor emerita in philosophy at the Graduate Center.

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Submitted on: MAR 4, 2011

Category: Faculty Books | Philosophy