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Faculty Book: Omar Dahbour

Omar Dahbour

Self-Determination without Nationalism: A Theory of Postnational Sovereignty
(Temple University Press, 2012)

How do groups—be they religious or ethnic—achieve sovereignty in a postnationalist world? The author insists that the existing ethics of international relations, dominated by the rival notions of liberal nationalism and political cosmopolitanism, no longer suffice. While political communities are an ethically desirable and historically inevitable feature of collective life, the ethical principles that govern them require reformulation in light of globalization and the economic and environmental challenges of the twenty-first century. Arguing that nation-states violate the principle of self-determination, Dahbour develops a detailed new theory of self-determination that he calls “ecosovereignty.” Ecosovereignty defines political community in a way that can protect and further the rights of indigenous peoples as well as the needs of ecological regions for a sustainable form of development and security from environmental destruction. Omar Dahbour (Assoc. Prof., Hunter) serves on the doctoral faculty in philosophy.

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Submitted on: JUL 23, 2013

Category: Faculty Books | Philosophy