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Musicianship Exam (Theory PhD)

Musicianship Exam for Theory Students: (Formerly Part C of the First Examination) will be given in the Fall on Saturday, September 11, 2021 and in the Spring on Saturday, February 12, 2022, 10am. Specific times will be assigned by the DEO of Theory. This examination is required of all theory/analysis students and must be taken if necessary each semester until it is passed. Professors Rothstein and Burstein will administer the exam. For other questions about the content of the exam, contact Professor Rothstein and/or Professor Burstein

All doctoral candidates in Theory are required to pass the Musicianship Exam described below. This exam must be passed before the Second Exam is attempted. Students are expected to attempt at least part of the exam each semester until they have passed all of it.                   

1.     Realize a lead sheet in a jazz, pop, or other vernacular style at the keyboard, playing both the melody and chords.

2.     Realize a figured bass in “keyboard style” (3 voices in the R.H., bass only in the L.H.).

3.     Play at the keyboard an orchestral passage, reading from a full score. You can expect to see two or three transposing instruments among the woodwind and brass instruments (for example, clarinets in A, plus horns and trumpets in D).

4.     Play at pitch a single line (or pair of lines) from a complicated late 19th- or early 20th-century score that requires transposition.

5.     Be able to play illustrations in any key, major or minor, of any chord progressions or usage commonly taught in undergraduate courses in tonal theory. 

6.     Harmonize a complete chorale melody in keyboard style. The melody will include at least one modulation away from the tonic key.