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CUNY Linguistics Colloquium: Ivy Sichel (Hebrew University Of Jerusalem)

SEP 20, 2012 | 4:15 PM TO 6:15 PM



The Graduate Center
365 Fifth Avenue




September 20, 2012: 4:15 PM-6:15 PM




(Resumptive) Pronouns and Competition

A Minimalist hypothesis about resumptive pronouns is that they should be no different from ordinary pronouns (McCloskey 2006). This paper substantiates the Minimalist hypothesis with respect to a particular view of ordinary pronouns: pronouns are ‘Elsewhere’ elements (Pica 1984, Burzio 1989, Safir 2004, Rooryck & Wyngaerd 2011, Reuland 2011; see also Hornstein 2001 and Grolla 2010 for resumptive pronouns). Just as the interpretation of ordinary pronouns, on this view, is determined by competition with anaphors (references above), it is argued that the interpretation of resumptive pronouns is determined by competition with gaps. Based on new facts in Hebrew and Jordanian Arabic, and systematic differences between optional and obligatory pronouns, I argue for an Economy principle which states that the tail of a movement chain is realized as a gap whenever possible. The analysis assimilates resumptive pronouns to ordinary pronouns, and leads to the conclusion that pronouns are part of the syntactic derivation, and are not lexical items merged from the (traditional) lexicon.

ALL WELCOME! Free and open to anyone interested.

Wine and cheese reception to follow lecture.