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Curriculum Requirements

Course Requirements

The Ph.D. in Linguistics requires sixty (60) credits of approved graduate course work. In addition to the required core curriculum, this includes a minimum of 24 credits within Linguistics, distributed as follows:

  • 4 content courses (12 credits)
  • 4 additional courses (may include research courses and Independent Studies as well as additional content courses)

Core Curriculum
Content Courses

Language Requirement

Doctoral students are required to show proficiency in, familiarity with, or scholarly knowledge of two distinct languages (spoken, signed or written) other than English

The language requirements may be satisfied at any time after entering the program, but before the completion of 60 credits.

Scholarly Knowledge

Examination Requirements

First Examination

The program’s First Examination consists of a written Qualifying Paper (QP1) and is designed to evaluate students’ proficiency in a core area and/or the application of a core area in an ancillary subfield (i.e., Phonology or Phonetics; Morphology; Syntax; Semantics).

The content of the QP1 must be the student’s original research. The research question may be in any area of linguistics, but the analysis applied to it must be informed by knowledge of a core area commensurate with 30-45 credits of study.  The final supervisor-approved QP1 is due July 1. Eligible advisors are to be chosen from list of linguistics faculty members.

Students must pass the QP1 before completion of the 46th credit.

QP1 Process and Requirements

Second Examination

The program’s Second Examination consists of a written Qualifying Paper (QP2) and critically includes an oral defense. It is designed to evaluate students’ ability to conceptualize and conduct original research and empirical studies in theoretical or applied linguistics and to present and defend their research to an audience including non-specialists in the area of research chosen by the student.

The QP2 is an opportunity for the student to acquire the knowledge and skills that will prepare him or her for the larger project of the dissertation.

Student must pass the QP2 before completion of the tenth semester.

QP2 Process and Requirements

Dissertation Requirement

The Dissertation Defense demonstrates the ability to conduct research and write original scholarly work in an area of linguistics selected by the student. This may include theoretical, experimental or descriptive work.

Dissertation Proposal
Dissertation Committee and Supervision
Third Examination (Oral Defense)