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Paging All Dissertations

Having heard from faculty in Fall 2020, we’re moving to students in Spring 2021.  Below is a schedule of paging sessions for Level 3 students, which feature work—that is, one teaser-page each—from their dissertations.  All current faculty and students are invited to join Zoom sessions at the appointed day and time to learn more about the students’ larger research projects and objectives.  Zoom links to be distributed in advance.

Thurs, Feb 25, 2:00-3:30pm, paging:
- Esther Adaire
- Andrew Kotick
- Evan Turiano
- Phelim Dolan 
- Lukasz Chelminski

Wed, March 3, 6:30-8:00pm, paging:
- Arinn Amer
- Oscar Aponte
- Sophie Tunney
- Stephanie Makowski
- Amanda Westbrook Brennan

Thurs, March 11, 2:00-3:30pm, paging:
- Hratch Kestenian
- Yanara Schmacks
- Melis Sulos
- Helena Yoo Roth
- Mounira Keghida

Wed, March 17, 6:30-8:00pm, paging:
- Jiwon Han
- Mohammed Ezzeldin
- Micki Kaufman
- Jarrett Moran
- Rich Naclerio


Paging All Faculty 

The History Program hosted Zoom meetings on Tuesdays and Fridays in Fall 2020, in which a handful of faculty introduced themselves and their work.  The invitation from EO Profeossor Joel Allen read "Each faculty member will speak for five minutes or so, tops, and we’ll hope for a conversation to breeze along from there.  Short takes, low stakes. The groupings of faculty will not be defined by subfield—they will not be clusters of the usual suspects from a given area, but rather mixes in expertise.  One goal of this series is for us to exit our valleys and see who else is out there.  Who knows?  Students might stumble onto a new minor field, or find new committee members, or collaborators, or even a new advisor. Now for the pun (“paging”): as a way of breaking the ice, each faculty member will select a page from their scholarship to share in advance.  Repeat: ONE PAGE, plucked from the middle of a larger work, either past or present, which in some way, they feel, captures their interests, approaches, and idiosyncracies as historians, even if (or perhaps because?) it begins and ends mid-sentence. The sessions will be open to all faculty and current students, and should last about an hour, give or take."

Tuesday, Oct 13, 4:30, paging:
David Waldstreicher
Herman Bennett
Sarah Covington
Tim Alborn
Michael Pfeifer
Donna Haverty-Stacke

 Friday, Oct 16, 4:00, paging:
Jim Oakes 
Francesca Sautman 
Annie Valk 
Mary Roldan 
Hyunhee Park
Joel Allen

Tues, Oct 20, 4:30, paging:
Steve Remy
Jerry Markowitz
Anna Akasoy
Eduardo Contreras
Eric Ivison
Beth Baron
John Torpey

Friday, Oct 23, 4:00, paging:
Julia Sneeringer
Jonathan Sassi
Jeanne Theoharis
Richard Wolin
Anne Kornhauser
Liv Yarrow
David Troyansky
Tuesday, Oct 27, 4:30, paging:
Michael Rawson
Francesca Bregoli
Jennifer Roberts
Sara McDougall
Eric Weitz
Ben Carp
Ben Hett
Friday, Oct 30, 4:00, paging:
Gunja SenGupta
Dagmar Herzog
Mark Lewis
Andrew Robertson
Elissa Bemporad
David Gordon
John Dixon
Tuesday, Nov 3, paging:
Senators, congresspersons, president?  [Election Day; no session]
Friday, Nov 6, 4:00, paging:
Allison Kavey
KC Johnson
Elena Frangakis-Syrett
David Reynolds
Clare Carroll
Christopher Ebert
Simon Davis

Friday, Nov 20, 2:00, paging:
Helena Rosenblatt
Joe Dauben
Lale Can
Barbara Naddeo

Click on the faculty member's name to see the page! Please write to the APO for the Zoom link.