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Sandi E. Cooper
Position: Professor
Campus Affiliation: College of Staten Island|Graduate Center
Phone: 718-982-2885
Degrees/Diplomas: Ph.D. New York University
Research Interests: Modern European History; History of the Peace Movements, Women's History, Women in International Peace Movements
Selected Publications
"Jane Addams' Newer Ideals of Peace: A view from the European Peace Movement" at The American Historical Association, Philadelphia, January, 2006.

"Bertha von Suttner's 'Sister in Arms': Feminist Pacificst VIsions of a World at Peace" in Vienna (Eggensburg), Austria, May, 2005 at the International Congress of the Centennial of the Nobel Peace Prize, 1905, to Bertha von Suttner (published electronically).

"Peace as a Human Right: The Invasion of Women into the World of High International Politics" Journal of Women's History (July, 2002), 9-25.

"The Shaping of a Feminist Historian" in Voices of Women Historians: The Personal, The Political, The Professional Ed. By Eileen Boris and Nupur Chaudhuri (Bloomington: Indiana U Press, 1999) 62-75.

"Women and the World Order" Women Studies Quarterly (Special issue: Teaching about Violence against Women - International Perspectives" XXVII,1&2(Spr/Summer, 1999) 98-108.

"Review Article: Managing Women in War and Peace" The International History Review (XX,4 Dec., 1998) 904-19.

"Women in War and Peace, 1914-1945" in Renate Bridenthal et al., eds., Becoming Visible: Women in European History 3rd ed., (Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1998) 439-460.

"Pacifism, Feminism and Fascism in Inter-War France" in The International History Review XIX, 1(Feb., 1997) 103-114

"The Reinvention of the 'Just War" among European Pacifists before the First World War" in Harvey L. Dyck, ed., The Pacifist Impulse in Historical Perspective (Toronto, 1996), 303-19.

"Alle origini del pacifismo contemporanea. Le associazioni per la pace in Europa 1815-1871" in Giano: ricerche per la pace 14/15(Rome, 1994) 135-58 with Kyril Anderson, ed. "Citizen Initiatives and Official Agreements: The Nineteenth Century" in Charles Chatfield and Rusanna Ilukhina, eds., Peace/Mir (Syracuse U Press, 1994; Moscow: Nauka Press, 1993) Patriotic Pacifism: Waging War on War in Europe, 1815-1914 (Oxford Univ. Press, 1991)

"Peace Movements" in Grolier Academic American Encyclopedia (Danbury: Grolier, 1992) 123-4 with Lawrence Wittner, "Transnational Peace Movements and Arms Control and Disarmament" in Richard Dean Burns, ed., Encyclopedia of Arms Control and Disarmament (N. Y.: Scribners, 1993) I, 491-505)

"Pacifism in France, 1889-1914: International Peace as a Human Right" in French Historical Studies, 17, 2 (Fall, 1991) 359-86 [winner of the Charles De Benedetti award of the Council on Peace Research in History for best article in peace research in history, 1991-1993]

"A Sisterhood of Peace Activists: In Search of a Pacific Twentieth Century" in Die Waffen Nieder! Bas les armes - Lay down your arms: Bertha von Suttner (1843-1914) and Other Women in Pursuit of Peace (Catalog of the Exhibition, United Nations Library in Geneva, summer, 1993) 27-30.

"Ferdinand Buisson: die Abüstung des Hasses" in M. Neumann, ed., Der Friedens-Nobelpreis (Munich and Zurich: Ed. Pacis, 1989) 132-141.

"International Organization and Human Rights Ideals of the European Peace Movement, 1889-1914" in Jacques Bariéty and Antoine Fleury, eds., Mouvements et Initiatives de Paix dans la Politique internationale, 1867-1928 (Zurich: P. Lang, 1988) 37-58

"Women in European Peace Movements: The Attempt to Avoid World War I" in Ruth R. Pierson, ed., Women and Peace: Theoretical, Historical and Practical Perspectives (London: Croom & Helm, 1987) 51-75.

"Introduction to Two Offers of Proof from the Transcript of EEOC v Sears, Roebuck and Co.," Signs (Summer, 1986) 752-6

Associate Editor, Western Europe and author of 25 entries in Harold Josephson, ed., A Biographical Dictionary of Modern Peace Leaders (Westport: Greenwood, 1985).

"Women's Work on Trial" New Directions for Women, XIV, 6(Nov-Dec, 1985) 1,11.

The Political Vision of Italian Peace Movements, 1867-1914, introduction by Giorgio Spini, in U. Heyn, ed., Occasional Papers on War and Peace, #14, (California State University, Los Angeles, 1985).

"The Origins and Development of European Peace Movements: From Vienna to Frankfurt" in Heinrich Lutz and Gernot Heiss, eds., Weiner Beiträge zur Geschichte der Neuzeit, 11, Friedensbewegungen: Bedingungen und Wirkungen (Vienna, 1984) 75-95

"The Guns of August and the Doves of Italy" Peace and Change, VII, 1,2 (1981) 29-43

"The Impact of Nationalism on European Peace Movements, 1848-1914" Peace and Change VI, 1,2(1980) 23-26

"Feminism and Family Revivalism" in Chrysalis 8(1979) 57-65

"Who Rules Higher Education?" Social Policy IX,9(1979) 34-8

Co-editor (for Europe) with Blanche W. Cook and Charles Chatfield, Garland Library of War and Peace (N.Y.:Garland, 1971-79), 360 titles in 328 volumes. Special Anthologies, Garland Library

S. E. Cooper., ed., Internationalism in Nineteenth Century Europe: The Crisis of Ideas and Purpose (1976)

Peace and Civilization: Selections from the Writings of Jacques Novicow, 1849-1912 (1975)

Five Views on European Peace (1972)
Panel and Paper Presentations:

January, 2004: Chair, commentator, "Peace Research in History: Irwin Abrams and the Evolution of a Field" at the American Historical Association, Washington, D. C.

October, 2003: "Women and Peace: French Connections" at the Women‚s Studies Conference, Southern Connecticut State University, New Haven, Ct.
April, 2003: Commentator, "Blending Peace: Social Justice and Internationalism" at OAH meeting, Memphis, Tn

March 2003: "Peace Possibilities: The Path from the Past" at SUNY- New Paltz.

March 13, 2003: Women, War and Peace at William Paterson State University, Wayne, N. J.

Chair, organizer, commentator on Roundtable, "Women and the International Arena: American
Sensibilities and Global Peace" Berkshire Conference, June 7-9, 2002, University of Connecticut, Storrs August, 2002 Organizer, Chair, commentator, Panel on "Gender, Peace and Peace Research" at the XIX Congrès International des Sciences Historiques, Oslo. (Nobel Institute sponsorship)

2001 Lecture: Peace as a Human Right at the Mershon Center, Ohio State University, Columbus, O

June, 1999 Chair, commentator, "Women and Peace Movements" Berkshire Conference, Rochester, NY

Selected Professional Activities and Service:

American Historical Assn.

2003-05 George Louis Beer Prize Committee

1996 Chair, Local Arrangements, AHA in New York City Conference of Women Historians (1979-82) and Coordinating Committee on Women in the Historical Profession (1971-3)

National President Past program chair, Berkshire Conference, Mt. Holyoke, 1978; Chair of the
Berkshire Conference, 1978-80

Chair, University Faculty Senate of the City University of New York, 1994-8;

Vice Chair, 1990-94. Member of the Executive Committee, 1979 - present

Chair, College Council, College of Staten Island, 2002-04.

Past vice chair and council member, Council on Peace Research in History
(now Peace History Society)

Member: American Historical Association, Association Internationale de l'Histoire Moderne et Contemporaine; Society for French Historical Studies; World History Association; Peace History Society; International Peace Research Association; Committee on Women in History; Member, Columbia University Seminars on Women and Society; on War and Peace, on 20TH Century History; on the History of Italy