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Recent Doctoral Dissertations



Iziar de Miguel: "Enquêtes métaphysiques et identitaires dans la littérature policière et la fiction en France et en Afrique du Nord" (Advisor: Francesca Sautman)


Antoinette Williams-Tutt:  Where Do We Go from Here? Québécois Identity in the Road Novel from 1964 to 2008 ( Advisor: Maxime Blanchard)

Thomas Muzart:  Queer Displacements: Minorities, Mobilities, and Mobilizations in French and Francophone Literature (Advisor: Maxime Blanchard)

Lisa M. Karakaya:  Out of Home: Social Class in Women’s Writing, 1950–2016 (Advisor: Domna Santos)

Christopher Clarke:  Rewriting the Oeuvre: Raymond Queneau and the Art of Translation (Advisor: Esther Allen)


Parfait Kouassi Koaucou African Childhood in Literature and Law: Between Traditions and Modernism (Advisor: Francesca Sautman)

Christine M. Carter:  The Transformation of Women's Roles in Fashion in Eighteenth-Century France: Femininity, Fashion, and Frivolity in Fiction (Advisor: Maxime Blanchard)

Frederic C. Baitinger:  The Subject of Jouissance: The Late Lacan and Gender and Queer Theories (Advisor: Royal Brown)


Genevieve Waite: "Lost and Found in Translation: A Study of the Bilingual Work of Samuel Beckett, Julien Green, and Nancy Huston" (Advisor: Elizabeth Beaujour)

Wilson Decembre : "La Symbolique païenne dans l’œuvre de René Depestre "(Advisor: Maxime Blanchard)

Jasmine Narcisse : Rhétorique du soi dans la littérature haïtienne francophone du XXe siècle: Manque et Manquements ?" (Advisor: Francesca Sautman)


Phillip Griffith: Collaboration Revisited: The Performative Art of Claude Cahun and Hannah Weiner (Advisor: Francesca Sautman)

Jacquelyn Libby:"Albert Camus's Mediterraneanism in La Peste." (Advisor: Peter Consenstein)


Paul Fadoul: How to Be a French Jew, Proust, Lazare,Glissant. (Advisor: Evelyn Ender)

Eric Lynch: Unidentified Verbal Objects: Contemporary French Poetry, Intermedia, and Narrative (Advisor: Professor Consenstein)

Paula Delbonis-Platt: Crossing Boundaries: The Transnational Third Space of Contemporary Chinese-Francophone Writers. (Advisor: Professor Sautman)

Dana Radu: Jules Verne Constructs America: From Utopia to Dystopia. (Advisor: Professor Przybos)

Stephanie Grace Petinos: Seeking Holiness: The Contribution of Nine Vernacular Narrative Texts from the Twelfth to the Fourteenth Centuries (Advisor: Professor Sautman) 


Ashley Meredith Williard: Engendering Islands: Representations of Difference in the Seventeenth-Century French Caribbean. (Advisor: Domna C. Stanton)

Deborah Rosalind Gruber: Ni Francaise, Ni Juive, Ni Arabe: The Influence of Nineteenth Century French Judaism on the Emergence of Franco- Jewish- Arab Literature. (Advisor: Ammiel Alcalay)