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Learning Goals

General Learning Goals for the Ph.D. Program in French

  • Upon completion of the program, students should have completed or be able to do the following: Demonstrate, through course papers, qualifying written and orals examinations, taken both in French and English, a general knowledge of the field of French and Francophone literature, of its history, main problems and developments, and connections across periods.
  • Be able to formulate and articulate, in French and English, the main concepts of French studies, both in oral and written form.
  • Demonstrate familiarity with the most important schools of thought in the history of literary criticism, as well as theoretical and critical texts relevant to French studies today.
  • Be skilled in critically employing methodologies based on theories of literature and concepts of French studies to literary as well as non-literary French and Francophone texts and phenomena.
  • Identify and develop a field of specialization, as well as a sub-field and/or interdisciplinary focus.
  • Conduct research with primary sources; be familiar with the major repositories of such sources in their field and sub-field of specialization.
  • Research and produce an original work of scholarship in the form of a 250 page long dissertation that expands on, or challenges existing scholarship in the field.
  • Show evidence of public scholarly activity in the form of papers presented at conferences, and publications in scientific journals.
  • Be qualified and trained to teach French language at all levels, as well as prepared to teach, both in French and English, undergraduate content-centered courses on French and Francophone literature and culture.