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Max Kramer
Position: Assistant Professor of French and Comparative Literature
Campus Affiliation: Baruch College|Graduate Center
Degrees/Diplomas: Joint Ph. D. in Comparative Literature, Columbia University, Sorbonne University
Research Interests: Specialization: gender and sexuality, semiotics, metaphor, translation, and literary criticism in combination with cultural studies and anthropology. 19th- to 21st-century French literature, postcolonial North Africa, modern/postmodern literatures of Europe, the Muslim world, the Americas.
Selected Publications:
●  Poésie moderne et inversion : les stratégies queer chez Arthur Rimbaud, Stefan George et Federico García Lorca. 2019. Paris : L’Harmattan.
●  “Triangular Desire: The Gay Gaze in Lorca’s ‘La casada infiel’”. ConSecuencias: A Journal of Spanish Criticism, 2019, 1 (1), 73-86.
● “Gay in North African Literature?” In A. Rohde, C. von Braun, & S. Schüler- Springorum (eds.), National Politics and Sexuality in Transregional Perspective: The Homophobic Argument, 2019, 138-155.
● “From Georg Simmel to Stefan George: Sexology, Male Bonding, and Homosexuality”. German Studies Review, 2018, 41 (2), 275-295.
● “Interpréter La Princesse de Clèves à la lumière d’Anna Karénine”. In P. Zoberman (ed.), Interpretation in/of the Seventeenth Century, 2015, 235-247.
● “The Problem of Translating Queer Sexual Identity”. Neophilologus, 2014, 98 (4), 527-544.
● “Pour une poétique queer de Rimbaud”. Itinéraires. Littérature, textes, cultures, 2011 (1), 123-136.
● “Sexual Orientation: The Ideological Underpinnings of the Gay Advance in Muslim- Majority Societies as Witnessed in Online Chat Sites”. In Samar Habib (ed.), Islam and Homosexuality, 2009, 133-162.