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Erec R. Koch
Position: Professor of French
Campus Affiliation: Graduate Center
Degrees/Diplomas: Ph.D. Department of French, Yale University
Research Interests: “17th-Century French Literature and Culture; Early Modern Philosophy; History of Science and Medicine; Theory; Digital Humanities”


  • The Aesthetic Body: Sensibility, Passion, and Corporeality in Seventeenth-Century France. Newark: University of Delaware Press, 2008.
  • Pascal and Rhetoric: Figural and Persuasive Language in the Scientific Treatises, the “Provinciales,” and the “Pensées.” EMF Critiques. Charlottesville: Rookwood Press, 1997.
Edited Volume
  • Classical Unities: Place, Time, Action. Actes du 32e congrès annuel de la North American Society for Seventeenth Century French Literature, Tulane University, Avril 13-15, 2000. Tübingen: Gunter Narr Verlag/Biblio 17, 2002.
Selected Recent Articles
  •  “Intertextuality and Citation: Montaigne in Pascal” (invited). Coups de Maître. Studies in Medieval and Early Modern Literature and Culture, in Honour of John D. Lyons. Series in Medieval and Early Modern French Studies. Eds. in Kelly Fender McConnell and Michael Meere. Oxford: Peter Lang, 2021. 241-56.

  • “La Pratique du goût: de Pierre Bourdieu à Antoine de Courtin,” XVIIe siècle. 258 (2013): 45-54.
  • “La contagion des passions de Descartes à Malebranche.” Littératures classiques. 68 (2009): 177-88.
  • “Voice, Aurality, and the Natural Language of Passion in Marin Mersenne’s Harmonie universelle.” Seventeenth-Century French Studies. 28 (2006): 77-89.
  • “Cartesian Corporeality and (Aesth)Ethics.” PMLA. 121.2 (2006): 405-420.
  • “Ethics, Death, and the Cartesian Body.” Papers on French Seventeenth-Century Literature. 65 (2006): 379-88.
  • “Body, Passion, Ethics: Descartes’s Correspondence with Princess Elisabeth of Bohemia and the Passions de l’âme.” Seventeenth-Century French Studies. 27 (2005): 39-49.
  • “Horace/Cinna and the End of War.” Papers on French Seventeenth-Century Literature. 62 (2005): 69-78.
Selected Recent Book Chapters
  • “Nicole and Hobbes: Materiality, Motion, and the Passions,” in Spaces of Self in Early Modern Europe, eds. Malina Stefanovska and David Sabean. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2012. 165-82.
  • “Corps et (esth)éthique cartésiens.” La littérature, le xviie siècle et nous: dialogue transatlantique. Ed. Hélène Merlin. Paris: Presses universitaires de la Sorbonne Nouvelle, 2008. 135-49. [Translated partial reprint of “Cartesian Corporeality and (Aesth)Ethics.”]
  • “Rhetorical Perfection: Sound, Aurality, and Rhetoric from Marin Mersenne’s Harmonie universelle to Bernard Lamy’s La Rhétorique, ou l’art de parler.” Ed. Anne L. Berberick. EMF: Studies in Early Modern France.12 (2008): 185-213.