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Ali Nematollahy
Campus Affiliation: Baruch College
Research Interests: 19th Century Literature and Social and Political Thought, Cultural Studies, Theory, Cinema


Ed. The First Libertines: Philosophy and Pornography in 17th Century France, special issue of The Philosophical Forum, Fall 2011.

Anarchism and Literature in France, 1870-1900. Lambert Publishing, 2011.

Ed. Nietzsche Arrives in France, special issue of The Philosophical Forum, XL: 2, Summer 2009.

Selected articles

"Nietzsche in France: 1890-1914," Philosophical Forum, Summer 2009, XL:2. 

"Hugues Rebell and Charles Maurras before L'Action Française," Romanic Review, Fall 2009, vol. 100: 4.

"Anarchist dandies of the fin-de-siècle," Nottingham French Studies, Spring 2009, vol. 48:1.

"Le Ratage au XIXe siècle," Nouvelles Francographies, 1 :1, Spring 2007.

"Jules Vallès and the Anarchist Novel," Nineteenth Century French Studies, vol.35: 3-4, Summer 2007.

"Proudhon, from Aesthetics to Politics," Anarchist Studies, 13:1, Spring 2005.