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André Aciman
17th-Century Literature, Roman d'Analyse, Proust.
Esther Allen
Translation, 19th and 20th century Latin American and French literature, life writing (autobiography and biography), and issues in anglophone globalization.
Maxime Blanchard
20th Century and Contemporary French and Québécois Literature, and Theory
Francesca Canadé Sautman
Medieval and 16th Century Literature and Folklore, Queer Theory, French and Francophone Cultural Studies, Historical Anthropology, Folklore
Jerry W. Carlson
Narrative theory, global independent film, and the cinemas of the Americas.
Mary Ann Caws
Poetry and Poetics, Contemporary Literature and the Arts, Translation.
Peter Consenstein
The group Oulipo, contemporary and experimental French poetry, translation, literary theory
Rachel Corkle
The 18th- and 19th-century French novel, Libertinage, Romanticism, Romantic ballet
Sam Di Iorio
French Cinema, Film Theory, 20th Century Literature, Philosophy, Intellectual History
Nathalie Etoke
Francophone Sub-Saharan African Literature and Cinema, African Studies, Black French Studies, Race and Ethnicity, Africana Existential Thought, LGBT Studies in Africa and its Diaspora, Cultural Studies, Contemporary French issues.
David Andrew Jones
19th and 20th century French theater, 20th and 21st century French novel, Queer Theory, Feminisms
Amr Kamal
19th and 20th century French literature, Arabic and Francophone literature and media, Literature from the Mashreq (Egypt, Lebanon and Syria), Mediterranean studies, postcolonial and empire studies, human geography, urban studies, material culture, translation and cinema studies
Andrea Khalil
Literature and Film from Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria and Egypt, Postcolonial studies, Twentieth Century French Literature, Modern Painting of North Africa and Middle East
Erec R. Koch
“17th-Century French Literature and Culture; Early Modern Philosophy; History of Science and Medicine; Theory; Digital Humanities”
Wayne Koestenbaum
Poetry and poetics; modern and contemporary literature; music; film; visual art; queer studies; cultural studies; performance; the essay; autobiography.
Max Kramer
Specialization: gender and sexuality, semiotics, metaphor, translation, and literary criticism in combination with cultural studies and anthropology. 19th- to 21st-century French literature, postcolonial North Africa, modern/postmodern literatures of Europe, the Muslim world, the Americas.
Marnia Lazreg
French colonial history; North African studies with a focus on Algeria; Women in The Middle East and North Africa; Feminist and Foucauldian theories; Albert Camus and the philosophy of the absurd."
Bettina Lerner
19th-century French literature, cultural history, popular culture, Translation, Theory
Giancarlo Lombardi
Literary Theory, Film Theory, Gender and Feminist Theory, Italian Cultural Studies
Clément Mbom
African and Caribbean Literatures and Cultures and francophone
Sara McDougall
Medieval, Medieval law, cultural studies, gender studies, legal history
Nancy K. Miller
Contemporary autobiography and autobiography theory, women's writing (American and French), 20th-century cultural history (after 1945), feminist theory.
Ali Nematollahy
19th Century Literature and Social and Political Thought, Cultural Studies, Theory, Cinema
Bernd Renner
16th-Century Literature, Early Modern Literature, Satire, Dialogue and Dialogism, Rabelais, Montaigne, Clement Marot
Helena Rosenblatt
French Intellectual History, The Enlightenment, Protestantism, French Political Thought
Rémy Roussetzki
19th-Century Literature, Comparative English and French Romanticism, Aesthetics and Philosophy
Thomas C. Spear
Contemporary French and Francophone Literature, Autobiography.
Domna C. Stanton
Seventeenth-Century French literature and culture; Early-Modern Studies; Women Writers; Critical Theory; Feminist theory; Human Rights, 16th Century Literature
Karen Sullivan
18th-century French literature; Women’s Writing of the Ancien Regime; Feminist and Postcolonial Perspectives on the 18th century; Critical Language Pedagogy
Gary Wilder
French empire, colonial state, historical anthropology, social and political theory; West Africa, Antilles, Europe