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Professor Matthew K. Gold Honored for Contributions to Digital Humanities

Professor Matt Gold (Credit: The Graduate Center/Da Ping Luo)

Professor Matthew K. Gold (English/Digital Humanities/Data Analysis and Visualization) was honored with the 2020 New York City Digital Humanities (NYCDH) award this month for his significant contributions to digital humanities in the region.
NYCDH brings together scholars and representatives of libraries, archives, galleries, and museums from New York City to talk about and collaborate within the world of digital humanities. Gold was presented with the award during the group’s annual NYCDH Week.
“I am so deeply honored by this award, and so grateful to be working with digital humanities colleagues who recognize and value the work of editing, teaching, service, and mentorship that often go unrecognized in the academy,” Gold said. “Digital humanities is a field that depends on collaboration, and I am lucky to have worked with so many amazing colleagues and students on my projects. I am also very lucky to work at The Graduate Center, which has been so forward-thinking in its strong support of digital scholarship over the years.”
Gold is director of the M.A. Program in Digital Humanities and the M.S. Program in Data Analysis and Visualization. He has written extensively on digital humanities and is co-editor of the series Debates in the Digital Humanities, which tracks new developments in the field.
He is the second recipient of this award, following Professor Stephen Brier (Urban Education/Digital Humanities/Liberal Studies), who was honored in 2019. Brier presented this year’s award to Gold and lauded him as a teacher who “embodies and exemplifies the very best of what the digital humanities has to offer.” Brier said he has had the privilege of team-teaching with Gold, “most recently in the inaugural class in the newly created M.A. in DH [Digital Humanities] program that Matt conceived.” In all of those classes and projects, Brier noted, “Matt has exhibited consistently innovative approaches to classroom pedagogy, to finding new approaches to improving teaching and learning for faculty and for students. He’s created in that process, dozens of new student adherents to DH, many of whom have gone on to careers and service in the cause of DH.”


Submitted on: FEB 20, 2020

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