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Current Ed Psych students can use this page to browse through and download information about program curriculum and requirements, as well as pertinent forms and procedures, which might be useful in one's journey toward their doctoral degree. Please contact the Assistant Program Officer with suggestions about additional information that you would like to see added here.

Please note that, due to the size of these documents they will open in a new browser window. The Fall and Spring Course Offerings are in PDF format.

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Program of Study: Curriculum & Requirements

Please see the Specializations page for more information about the PhD Program in Educational Psychology's program of study and curriculum in Learning, Development, and Instruction and Quantitative Methods in Educational and Psychological Research.

Academic Calendar

Visit the Graduate Center's Registrar page for view current and future academic calendars.

Course Schedules

Below is the current course schedule. Please note, due to the size of these documents they will open in a new browser window. The Fall and Spring Course Offerings are in PDF format.

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Forms and Procedures

Students, Faculty and Staff can download the Forms, Requirements and Procedures listed below for completion of Doctoral Student milestones and academic requirements.

If requirements and/or instructions are not provided for any of the items listed below,  please read the most updated GC Bulletin for detailed information about procedures or contact the Assitant Program Officer.



Registration and Related

Financial Aid

Request for Leave of Absence

Leaves of absence will be granted to students deemed to be in good standing who wish to interrupt their study. No more than four semesters of total leave time will be granted to any student. Each leave request should be made in writing to the student’s Executive Officer prior to the semester or academic year during which the leave will be taken. If approved by the program’s Executive Officer, requests for leave will be forwarded to the Office of the Registrar. The leave must then be cleared by the offices of Financial Aid and International Students (if applicable), the Mina Rees Library, and the Bursar. Leaves of absence are not counted toward the time limit for completion of degree requirements. Any student subject to induction or recall into military service should consult the veterans’ certifying officer before applying for an official leave. Any international student with F-1 or J-1 student status must consult the Office of International Students at the Graduate Center before applying for a leave. In general, international students must remain outside the U.S. for the entire semester while on a leave of absence and may need to reapply for a new student status if their absence is longer than five months. During the period of the leave, no changes in academic status, including such matters as the scheduling and taking of qualifying exams, application for en-route degrees, and advancement to candidacy, may be effected.

Fellowship Deferral

Students who request a Leave of Absence and who currently have a fellowship are required to complete the Fellowship Deferment form.

  • This form applies to students who will be taking a leave of absence and want to save one or two semesters of their five-year fellowship for when they return.  If they do not defer the funding, they will lose those semesters of support.  
  • This form is in addition to any leave of absence paperwork that needs to be filed with the Registrar’s Office.
  • Additional information about fellowship deferment policy can be found here.

Click Here to download a Leave of Absence Request Form. Please submit the form as an email attachment to the Assistant Program Officer, wo will obtain the required signatures and process the form for you with the Registrar's Office.

Exams, Proposals, and Dissertations Related

Miscellaneous Forms