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Alumni Placements & Dissertations

Recent Ph.D.'s at 2019 Graduation Ceremony: Jack Norton, Deen Sharp, and Christian Siener.

Recent Ph.D.'s at 2019 Graduation Ceremony: Jack Norton, Deen Sharp, and Christian Siener.

Recent Graduates at 2018 Graduation Ceremony:  Spiridon Papanikolau, Dhiman Mondal, Rachel Goffe, and John Anton.

Recent Graduates at 2018 Graduation Ceremony:  Spiridon Papanikolau, Dhiman Mondal, Rachel Goffe, and John Anton.


Recent Alumni Placements

Public and Private Sector Placements

American Museum of Natural History
New York City Department of Finance

Faculty Placements

University of Alabama, Birmingham
Barnard College 
California State University, East Bay 
University of California, Riverside 
City University of New York 
University of Hawai’i 
University of Kentucky
London School of Economics 
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Pasadena City College
William Paterson College
Pratt Institute
Rutgers University
San Jose State University
Sarah Lawrence College
Temple University 
University of Tennessee
University of Toronto, Scarborough 

Postdoctoral Fellowships/Research Fellows

University of California Presidential Postdoctoral Fellowship
Global and Sociocultural Studies, Florida International University
London School of Economics (LSE)
Haystack Observatory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
The Open University, UK
University of Texas, San Antonio
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center/University of Maryland
Vera Institute of Justice

Dissertations by Year


February 2020

Andrea Mason
"Provenance of Tin in the Late Bronze Age Balkans: Preparation of cassiterite for Sn isotope analysis and the probalistic and Spatial Analysis of Sn Isotopes"
Advisor - Professor Wayne Powell - Brooklyn College


September 2019

Hector Agredano
"Rails to Revolution: Railway Workers and the Geographies of the Mexican Revolution"
Advisor - Professor Juliana Maantay - Lehman College

Eric Kutter
"Windflow Dynamics Over Complex Terrain"
Advisor - Professor Chuixiang Yi - Queens College

Hildegaard Link
"The Water/Energy Nexus: Climate, Consumption and Ecosystemt Services"
Advisor - Professor Yehuda Klein - Brooklyn College

Peter Matt
"The Role of Fluids in Ore Remobilization at the Balmat Zinc Deposit, NY"
Advisor - Professor Wayne Powell - Brooklyn College

Anna Paltseva
"Lead and Arsenic Contamination in Urban Soils of New York City"
Advisor - Professor Zongqi Chong - Brooklyn College

Christine Rahmadi
"Aprupt Climate Transitions"
Advisor - Professor Chuixiang Yi - Queens College

Elizabeth Sibilia
"Market Making: Crises and the Global Production of Shipbreaking in Chittagong, Bangladesh"
Advisor - Professor Cindi Katz - The Graduate Center

May 2019

Yi Tang
"The Disribution, Fractionation, and Application of the 210Po/210Pb System: Insights from Three GEOTRACES Transvects"
Advisor - Professor Gillian Stewart - Queens College

Celeste M. Winston
"'How toLose the Hounds': Tracing the Relevance of Marronage for Contemporary Anti-Police Struggles" Advisor - Dr. Ruth Gilmore - The Graduate Center, CUNY

February 2019

John Shaughnessy Norton
"Little Siberia, Start of the North:  Prison, Crisis and Development in  Rural New York, 1968-1994" Advisor - Dr. Ruth Gilmore - The Graduate Center, CUNY

Dr. Lydia Pelot-Hobbs
“The Contested Terrain of the Louisiana Carceral State: Dialects of Southern Penal Extension, 1971-2016" 
Advisor – Dr. Ruth Gilmore – The Graduate Center, CUNY

Dr. Shemon Salem
“Limits of Black Radical Tradition and the Value-form"
Advisor – Dr. Ruth Gilmore – The Graduate Center, CUNY



September 2018

Dr. Brian Brigham
“Investigation of Biogeochemical Mechanisms of Greenhouse Gas Production in the Urban River Estuary”
Advisor – Dr. Gregory O'Mullan – Queens College

Dr. Rajashree Datta
“Quantifying the Effects of Wind Regimes and Temperature on Surface Melt over the Antarctic Peninsula (1982-2017) through Modeling, Remote Sensing, and In-Situ Data”
Advisor – Dr. Marco Tedesco – Columbia Lamont Observatory

Dr. Annesia Lamb
“Ulva sp. Bloom Dynamics in a Hyper-Eutrophic Estuary: Jamaica Bay, New York”
Advisor – Dr. Brett Branco – Brooklyn College

Dr. Ying Liu
“Regulation of Dissolved Arsenic Using Zero-Valent Iron with Gypsum and Sulfate Reducing Bacteria: Laboratory Microcosm and Column Studies”
Advisor – Prof. Zhongqi Cheng – Brooklyn College

Dr. Harry Maisch
“Taxonomy, Taphonomy, and Bioerosion of Lamniform and carcharhinifrom Shark Teeth from Onslow Bay, North Carolina and An Example Extension from the Gulf Coastal Plain of the U.S.A.”
Advisor – Dr. John Chamberlain – Brooklyn Colle


Dr. Deen Sharp
“Corporate Urbanization: Between the Future and Survival in Lebanon”
Advisor – Dr. Marianna Pavlovskaya – Hunter College

Dr. Christian Siener
“From Prison to Homeless Shelter: Camp LaGuardia and the Political Economy of an Urban Infrastructure”
Advisor – Dr. Ruth Gilmore – The Graduate Center, CUNY

Dr. Suhua Wei
“Impacts of Climate Extremes on Terrestrial Productivity”
Advisor – Dr. Chuixiang Yi – Queens College

May 2018

Dr. Jose L. Pillich
“Heat Stress Vulnerability Analyzing the Socio-Environmental Factors Influencing Heat Stress Hospital Visits and Implementation of Green Infrastructure in New York City”
Advisor – Professor Yehuda Klein – Brooklyn College

February 2018

Dr. John Anton
“A Canonized Cosmochemical Conundrum”
Advisor – Professor Harold Connolly – Rowan University

Dr. Christian Calienes Deza
“The Production of Space: Indigenous Resistance Movements in the Peruvian Amazon”
Advisor – Professor Ines Miyares – Hunter College 

Dr. Dhiman Mondal
“Evidence of the 1762 Arakan and Prior Earthquakes in the Northern Sunda Subduction”
Advisor – Professor Cecelia M. McHugh – Queens College

Dr. Mondal's research project involves geodynamic and paleoseismic studies of the northern segment of Indo-Burma subduction zone extending from the Saint Martin Island to Chittagong along the southeast coast of Bangladesh. The objectives of the study are to investigate the interseismic and coseismic deformation pattern along the Indo-Burma fold belt.  

Dr. Spiridon K. Papanikolaou
“Seasonal Characterization of New York City Urban Thermal Environment”
Advisor – Professor Sean Ahearn – Hunter College 


September 2017

Dr. John N. Bigolski
“The Formation of Fine-Grained Chondrule Rims in Unequilibrated Ordinary Chondrites”
Advisor – Professor Michael Weisberg – Kingsborough Community College

Dr. Rachel Goffe
“Capture and Abandon:  Social Reproduction and Informal Land Tenure in Jamaica”
Advisor – Professor Ruth Wilson Gilmore – Graduate Center

June 2017

Dr. Sixto Emil Portilla
“The Role of Dietary Highly Unsaturated N-3 Fatty Acids in Northern Quahogs, Mercenaria Mercenaria, Through Decreasing Temperature”
Advisor – Professor Brett Banco – Brooklyn College

February 2017

Dr. Stephanie Lynn Devries
“Beyond the Obvious: Emerging Contaminants and Biogeochemistry as a Cause and Solution for Nitrogen Pollution”
Advisor – Professor Pengfei Zhang – City College

Dr. Rui Ding
“Removal of Organic Micro-Pollutants from Water using Sewage Sludge Based Composite Adsorbents”
Advisor – Professor Pengfei Zhang – City College

Dr. Maryam Karimi
“Impact of Urbanization on Temperature Variation in Big Cities: Measuring Health Risk While Targeting Vulnerable Population”
Advisor – Professor Reza Khanbilvardi – City College

Dr. Atsushi Tomita
“Land Change History of Oil Palm Plantations in Northern Bengkulu Province, Sumatra Island, Reconstructed from Landsat Satellite Archives”
Advisor – Professor Ines Miyares – Hunter College


September 2016

Dr. Cheila Eliana Cullen
“Guidance Index for Shallow Landslide Hazard Analysis”
Advisor – Professor Reza Khanbilvardi – City College

Dr. Charuta Jayant Kulkarni
“Lessons from the Past: Unfolding the Dynamics Among Climate, Balkan Landscapes, and Humans Over the Past Millennium”
Advisor – Professor Rebecca Boger – Brooklyn College

Dr. Laurel Turbin Mei-Singh
“Geographies of Desecration: Race, Indigeneity, and the Militarization of Hawaii”
Advisor – Professor Ruth Wilson Gilmore – Graduate Center

Dr. Mei-Singh's research examines how indigenous cosmologies shape the anticolonial efforts and environmental justice discourses and practices that confront militarization in Wai'anae, a heavily militarized region of Hawai'i.

Dr. Keith Keiraro Miyake
“Institutionalizing Environmental Justice: Race, Place and the National Environmental Policy Act”
Advisor – Professor Ruth Wilson Gilmore – Graduate Center

Dr. Miyake's dissertation examines race and environment as mutually constitutive systems of knowledge and spatialized governance within the modern state, focusing on the U.S. since the passage of the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969.

Dr. Stephanie Diane Wakefield
“Living Infrastructure Being, Time, and Government in New York City”
Advisor – Professor Cindi Katz – Graduate Center

Dr. John C. Wolbeck Jr.
“Comprehensive Mass Balance Isotope Schematics for Determining the Provenance of the Moon Forming Impactor”
Advisor – Professor Harold Connolly – Rowan University

June 2016

Dr. Gretchen M. Culp
“Increasing Accessibility for Map Readers With Acquired And Inherited Color Vision Deficiencies: A Re-Coloring Algorithm For Maps”
Advisor – Professor Julianna Maantay – Lehman College

February 2016

Dr. Lilja Nielsen
“Exploring Sewage Sludge/Fish Waste-Based materials As Absorbents Of Pharmaceuticals From Water Phase”
Advisor – Professor Teresa Bandosz – City College

Dr. Magdalena T. Ornstein-Sloan
“Re-Framing Informal Family Caregiving”
Advisor – Professor Kenneth Gould – Brooklyn College

Dr. Ornstein-Sloan's research focuses on the interactions between family caregivers and the larger long-term care and medical systems. Specifically, she critiques the dominant discourse around ‘caregiver burden’ for being reductionist by not including family members’ interactions with service providers and therefore suggests that service provision, while at times useful, also carries with it an additional burden that further complicates the lives of caregivers. 


September 2015

Dr. Heather Glickman-Eliezer
“Aerosol and Urban Heat Island Interactions with Warm Cloud-Top shortwave Infrared Reflectance and Visible Albedo”
Advisor – Professor Reza Khanbilvardi – City College

Dr. Stephen P. Boatright
“American Dreamer:  First-Time Homeownership and the Affective Geographies of Dwelling”
Advisor – Professor Cindi Katz – Graduate Center

Dr. Ousmane Sy Savane
“Effects of Aerosol on Cloud Water Path:  Statistical Method a Potential Source for Divergence in Observation based Correlative Studies”
Advisor – Professor Reza Khanbilvardi; City College

Dr. Gerald Rustic
“Eastern Tropical Pacific Climate and El Nino Variability During the Past Millennium”
Advisor – Professor Athanasios Koutavas – College of Staten Island

Dr. Rustic has studied the climate of the common era (0CE-present) using geochemical proxies from foraminifera. His research has focused on the highly dynamic Eastern Tropical Pacific Ocean, a key center-of-action for the El Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO). He's analyzed oxygen isotopes in individual foraminifera to reconstruct sea surface variability, and apply statistical tests to determine changes through time.  

May 2015


Dr. Patrick Michael Alexander
“Assessing Greenland Ice Sheet Albedo and Mass Blannce Variability Using In-Situ Data, Spaceborne Observation and Regional Model Outputs”
Advisor – Professor Marco Tedesco – City College

Dr. Samuel Frank
“Carbon Emission Policy in the United States Patchwork vs. National Policy”
Advisor – Professor John Seley – Graduate Center

Dr. Damayanti Gurung
“Microfossils as Proxies for Holocene Climate in Semi-Enclosed Basins:  The Hudson River Estuary, New York, USA and the Marmara Sea, Turkey”
Advisor – Professor Cecilia McHugh – Queens College

Dr. Daniel William Hauptvogel
“The State of the Oligocene Icehouse World:  Sedimentology, Provence, and Stable Isotopes of Marine Sediments from the Antarctic Continental Margin”
Advisor – Professor Stephen Pekar – Queens College

Dr. Jessica TY Miller
“Super Fun Superfund:  Polluted Protection Along the Gowanus Canal”
Advisor – Professor Kenneth Gould – Brooklyn College

Dr. Lesley Patrick
“Health Exposure, Socio-Economic Vulnerability, and Infrastructure at Risk to Current and Projected Coastal Flooding in New York City”
Advisor – Professor Julianna Maatany – Lehman College

Dr. Owen Toews
“Resettling the City?  Settler Colonialism, Neoliberalism, and Urban Land in Winnipeg, Canada”
Advisor – Professor Setha Low – Graduate Center


September 2014

Dr. Naomi Adiv
“The Amphibious Public: A Historical Geography of Municipal Swimming and Bathing, New York City, 1870-2013”
Advisor – Professor Setha Low – Graduate Center


Dr. Gordon Green
“Mapping Forest Canopy Structure with On-Demand Fusion of Remotely Sensed Data”
Advisor – Professor Sean Ahearn – Hunter College


Dr. Kimberly Handle
“Paleoecology of Late Cretaceous methane cold-seeps of the Pierre Shale, South Dakota”
Advisor – Professor Neil Landman – AMNH

Dr. Ning Ma
“The Interaction between arsenic and Struvite During Coprecipitation and Adsorption Processes”
Advisor – Professor Ashaki Rouff – Queens College


Dr. Stephen McFarland
“'With the Class-Conscious Workers Under One Roof':  Union Halls and Labor Temples in American Working-Class Formation, 1880-1970"
Advisor – Professor Ruth Wilson Gilmore – Graduate Center

Dr. Fernanda Santos
“Carbon and Nitrogen Dynamics from Slow Turnover Soil Organic matter in Temperature Forest:  Pyrogenic Organic Matter and Fine Roots”
Advisor – Professor Jeffrey Bird – Queens College

Dr. Jaroslaw Schellner
“TV Audience Fragmentation:  Measurement, Causes and Economic Consequences”
Advisor – Dr. Lisa George – Hunter College

Dr. Suzanne Stempel
“Water Conservation as a Best Management Practice for the Mitigation of Combined Sewage Overflows; Case Study:  Gowanus Canal, Brooklyn, NY”
Advisor – Professor Zhongqi Cheng – Brooklyn College


May 2014

Dr. Katera Ya’Shea Moore
“In Harm’s Way:  How Philadelphia’s Urban Renewal Practices Steered Marginal People to Marginal Land”
Also – Certificate in Africana Studies
Advisor – Professor Kenneth Gould – Brooklyn College

February 2014

Dr. Jennifer Brisbane
“Historical Relationships Between Land Elevation and Socioeconomic Status in New York City:  A Mixed Methods GIS Approach”
Advisor – Professor Juliana Maantay – Herbert H. Lehman College

Dr. Moira Conway
“Gravity Modeling of Casinos in The United States:  A Case Study of Philadelphia”
Advisor – Professor John Seley – Graduate Center

Dr. Jennifer Renee Cox
“Suburban Heat Islands:  The Influence of Residential Minimum Lot Size Zoning on Surface Heat Islands in Somerset County, New Jersey”
Advisor – Professor William Solecki – Hunter College

Dr. Edward Rice
“Long-Term Warming and the Size and Phenology of Long Island Sound Plankton”
Advisor – Professor Gillian Stewart – Queens College

Dr. David Spataro
“We Work, We Eat Together:  Anti-Authoritarian Mutual Aid Politics in New York City, 2004-2013”
Advisor – Professor Cindi Katz – Graduate Center

Dr. Xiyan Xu
“Numerical Study of Canopy Flows in Complex Terrain”
Advisor – Professor Chuixiang Yi – Queens College


September 2013

Dr. Hanii Takahashi
“Study of Tropical Deep-Convective Processes and Water Vapor Variations Using NASA A-Train Data and Geostationary Satellite Observations”
Advisor – Professor Zhengzhao (Johnny) Luo – City College

May 2013

Dr. Ryan Ehrhart
“Scaling Food Security:  A Political Ecology of agricultural Policies and Practices in Bukindnon, Philippines”
Advisor – Professor Cindi Katz – Graduate Center

Dr. David Friedman
“ Policy Change Sustainability, and Environmental Justice:  Applications of the Long Island Markal, Model”
Advisor – Professor Yehuda L. Klein – Brooklyn College

Dr. Enrique Lanz Oca
“The El WHA Dam Removal Project and the Dematerialization of Nature”
Advisor – Professor Cindi Katz – Graduate Center

Dr. Rahul Sahajpal
“Developing Geochemical Proxies for a High Resolution Hydroclimate Record in Mono Lake Basin”
Advisor – Professor N. Gary Hemming – Queens College

February 2013

Dr. Anne Babette Audant
“Public Market to La Marqueta:  Shaping Spaces and Subjects of Food Distribution in New York City, 1930-2012”
Advisor – Professor Setha Low – Graduate Center

Dr. George Jose Musa
“Does Geography Matter?  Neighborhood Effects on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder of NYC Public School Children After 9/11”
Advisor – Professor William Solecki – Hunter College


September 2012

Dr. Bradley Gardener
And Then the Neighborhood Changed:  Jewish Intra-Urban Migration and Racial Identity in the Bronx, NY”
Advisor – Professor Marianna Pavlovskaya - Hunter

Dr. Christian Anderson
“West Side Stories:  Everyday Life and the Social Space of West Forty-Sixth Street”
Advisor – Professor Cindi Katz – Graduate Center

Dr. Amanda Huron
“The Work of the Urban Commons:  Limited-Equity Cooperatives in Washington, D.C."
Advisor – Professor Marianna Pavlovskaya – Hunter College

Dr. Elana Klein
“Late Pleistocene to Holocene Evolution, Sedimentation Processes, and Anthropogenic Impact of a Coastal System:  Raritan and Sandy Hook Bays, New Jersey"
Advisor – Professor Cecilia McHugh – Queens College

Dr. Caitlyn Nichols
“Temporal and Spatial Variability of Metal Distributions in Staten Island Marsh-Creek Systems:  Does Connectivity to the Arthur Kill Impact Anthropogenic enrichment, Sediment Quality and Toxicity Potential in NY/NJ HE Marsh Habitats?"
Advisor – Professor William Wallace – College of Staten Island

Dr. Nicholas Steiner
“Techniques for the Remote Sensing and Ground Measurement of Snow and Ice”
Advisor – Professor Marco Tedesco – City College


May 2012

Dr. Michael Porter
“The Environmental Justice Implications of New York States and New York City’s Brownfield Policies”
Advisor – Professor William Solecki – Hunter College

Dr. Benjamin Sallemi
“A Life Time Mortality Risk Analysis and Cost Benefit analysis Associated with Asbestos Exposure from the Collapse of the World Trade Center on 9/11:  Does the Cost of US_EPA’s Residential Dust Clean Up In Lower Manhattan Exceed It’s Benefits?”
Advisor – Professor Robert Nolan – Graduate Center

February 2012

Dr. Philippe Amstislavski
“Access to Urban Food Outlets as a Predictor of Diabetes”
Advisor – Professor Juliana Maantay – Lehman College

Dr. Alexandra Tsekeri
“Development and Assessment of a Neural Network Approach for Retrieving Aerosol Properties from Multispectral, Multiangle Polarization Measurements”
Advisor – Professor Barry Gross – City College (Engineering)


May 2011

Dr. Lee Hachadoorian
"Tiebout Sorting and Jurisdictional Homogeneity: Empirical Validity and Ethical Implications"
Advisor- Professor Jochen Albrecht- Hunter College

Dr. Jingyu Wang
"Phosphorus Transport in the Bronx River: Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis"
Advisor- Professor Hari Pant - Lehman College

February 2011

Dr. Debjani Ghatak
"Cryospheric Teleconnections: The Response of Northern Hemisphere Snow to the Atmospheric and Arctic Sea Ice Variations"
Advisor- Professor Allan Frei- Hunter College

Dr. Cristina Notaro
"The Interfaith Center: The Construction and Consequence of Interfaith Space"
Advisor- Professor Marianna Pavlovskaya- Hunter College


September 2010

Dr. Shihyan Lee
"Characterizing: Vegetation Structure and Biomass Using Lidar Remote Sensing"
Advisor- Professor Wenge Ni-Meister- Hunter College

Dr. Andrew Maroko
"Chronic: Exposure to Fine Particulate Matter and Heart Failure in New York City: A Methodological Exploration of Environmental Justice and Health"
Advisor- Professor Julianna Maantay- Lehman College

June 2010

Dr. Yumiko Iwasaki

"Systematics on Viaphacops Maxim ova, 1972 from Bolivia and Paleobiogeography of the Subfamily Phacopinae Hawle & Corda, 1847 for the Lower and Middle Devonian, with a Particular Emphasis on the Genus Paciphacops Maximova, 1972" 
Advisor- Professor Niles Eldredge- AMNH

Dr. Scott Larson
"Building Like Moses with Jacobs in Mind: Redevelopment Politics in the Bloomberg Administration"
Advisor- Professor Neil Smith- Graduate Center

Dr. Robert Bradford Stewart
''Toward a Spatial Understanding ofLatin American Immigrant worker Population Fatalities"
Advisor- Professor Ines Miyares - Hunter College

Dr. QiangYang
"Arsenic in Fractured Bedrock Aquifers in Greater Augusta, Marine USA"
Advisor- Professor Yang Zheng - Queens College


September 2009

Dr. Ylli Kellici
"An Analysis of the Performance of Public Elementary Schools in New York City During 2001-2005 from a Geographical Perspective"
Advisor- Professor Sean Ahearn- Hunter College

Dr. Hun Bok Jung
"Fate, Reaction and Transport of Groundwater Arsenic During Discharge to Waquoit Bay, USA and Meghna River, Bangladesh"
Advisor- Professor Yan Zheng- Queens College


February 2009

Dr. Angelos Lampousis
"Electrical Resistivity Imaging Study of Near-Surface Infiltration"
Advisor- Professor Patricia Kenyon - City College

Dr. Philip C. Laporta
"The Stratigraphy and Structure of the Cambrian and Ordovician Chert Bearing Carbonates of the Wallkill River Valley: The Stratigraphic Nature of the Chert and teir Archaeological Potential"
Advisor - Professor Hannes Brueckner - Queens College

Dr. Gordon Gruys Hinshalwood
"Biodegradation of Fuel, Oxygenates in Northeastern United States Aquifers with an Analysis of Underground Storage Tank Leaks"
Advisor- Professor David Locke - Queens College


September 2008


Dr. Noureddin Amaach
·"The Sedimentology, Mineralogy and Metal Contamination of Sediments in the Apex of the New York Bight, NY, USA: An Integrated Laboratory and Field Study of Trace Metal Behavior in an Urban Estuary."
Advisor- Professor Stephen Aja- Brooklyn College

Dr. Robert H.S. Applebaum
"Paleoclimate Signal from the Late Eocene New Jersey Continental Slope: A Multi-Proxy Approach"
Advisor- Professor Cecilia McHugh- Queens College

Dr. Jun Tu
"Assessing the Impact of Long-Term Land Use Changes on Water Quality in Eastern Massachusetts"
Advisor- Professor Zong-Guo Xia - Lehman College