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Sergei Artemov
Position: Distinguished Professor
Campus Affiliation: Graduate Center
Phone: (212) 817-8661
Research Interests: Logic, automated deduction and verification

Professor of Mathematics at Moscow State University, the founder and the Head of the research laboratory Logical Problems in Computer Science.

Professional interests

  • logic in computer science

  • mathematical logic and proof theory

  • knowledge representation and artificial intelligence

  • automated deduction and verification

  • optimal control and hybrid systems.

For details check research statement, major scientific accomplishments, and Research Laboratory for Logic and Computation.


  • Full Professor in Mathematics and Computer Science, Moscow State University, 1993

  • Doctor of Sciences in Mathematics, USSR Academy of Sciences, 1988

  • Ph.D. in Mathematics, Moscow University/USSR Academy of Sciences, 1980

  • Diploma with Perfection in Mathematics, Moscow State University, 1975


A hundred and seven papers. recent publications in English check selected publications list.



  • A keynote lecture for CLS'03, KGC'03, ESSLLI'03, Venna, 2003. (pdf)

  • 50th birthday article

  • Distinguished Lecture in Computer Science at the New York Academy of Sciences, 2002

  • Clifford Lectures, 2002

  • Spinoza Lecture of 1999 from the European Association for Logic, Language and Information

  • Paper Operational Modal Logic commended for its excellence by the Committee on the IGPL/FoLLI Prize For the Best Idea of the Year, 1996

  • Award from the President of Russia "To Outstanding Scientist", 1994

  • Award for the best paper of the year from the Mathematical Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences, 1994

  • Award for the best paper of the year from the Mathematical Institute of USSR Academy of Sciences, 1986

  • Award for the best project of the year from the Optimal Control Institute of  USSR Academy of Sciences, 1979

  • USSR National Olympiad (Eastern Conference): Gold Medal in mathematics, Silver Medal in physics, 1967