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Computational Logic Seminar

Computational Logic Seminar

Ph.D. Program in Computer Science

Instructor: Sergei Artemov
Spring 2015
Tuesday 2:00 - 4:00 pm
CSc 85200
CRN 27233
(1 Credit)

Course Description:

This semester the seminar will focus on constructive reasoning and applications in social sciences.

Learning Goals / Outcomes:

Studying recent advances and applications of logic is social sciences.

1. Syntactic Epistemic Logic
2. Epistemic Game Theory
3. Logic of verification and knowledge.
4. Intuisionistic Epistemic Logic
5, Logic of proofs and justifications
6. Paraconsistency via justification logic

A variety of research projects for students will be offered and discussed.


Grades will be issued on the basis of attendance, seminar activity and personal student-instructor discussions.